Friday, October 10, 2008

Pre-Birthday Celebration for Dean

Was on leave today and had decided to make a trip down town before I turned into a mountain turtle (coz camp too long at Ulu-Ulu), at the same time, to submit the application for Big Walk. The actual day is on 2 Nov 08. (See Pic : Goodies I got upon registration.)

Meet Dean for lunch as a pre-birthday celebration just in case, he is quite fully booked over the weekend. We settled our lunch at Fish & Co. as he has crave for fish.

I went shopping happily after the meal, bought a few pretty clothing and bag and was thinking of telling Darl, then I realised that my phone was not with me!!! Go one big round of searching and found my phone at Fish & Co. What a relief.. I'm definitely not eyeing on iphone yet, I still love my Nokia.

Pass by a toy shop on my way home so I bought this. Supposed to shop for birthday presents but ended up buying a lotsa things for myself instead.. pai seh.. Anyway, want to make a guess on which set do I get in the box? Result to be released tomorrow. Stay tuned! =D

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