Monday, October 27, 2008


Next, is my Essential Pouch - ZIPit.
This pouch is from Dean, when he gives this to me, I found money inside, and he says, never give people an empty coin pouch. O i c..

The content changes according to season and times of the month, actually I'll also bring it to work, coz essential ma..

1. Samsonite Lock-pad (in case need to go gym for a shower).
2. lipstick (spare one)
3. Axe oil (my live savior if I have no choice but to take cab)
4. Pen knife (To open tidbits packages when I can't wait till home)
5. Oil blotting papers (For emergency)
6. Alcohol swap (In case I cut myself, I have sensitive skin)
7. Handiplus (same)
8. Vitamins (Ops.. today forget to take.. =P)

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