Friday, October 24, 2008


We bought an ice-cream cake today and inside got a lotsa dry ice. Darl says he is going to show me some magic, but i must not touch the ice coz it burns. He filled the bowl with water and put a piece of ice into it. Wah.. very nice effect wor!! I am very excited and wanted to put my hand into the misty bowl, he says "NO!!!" He stopped me a few times, until he gives up, he says,"Ok I'll let you put in but for once only". I say okie. =D

Then he brings the ice into the toilet and throw it into the toilet bowl, very soon, it became a misty toilet bowl. "Now you may put your hand inside.." he said.

=( bully me.. Ok la.. he birthday let him win la..

Hehe.. later got cake cake to eat.. soon soon.. now is 11.50pm liao.. =D

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