Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kan-cheong Spider Vs 摸虫

Everytime before we go out, I will take some time to get ready, so Darl always call me a 摸虫. There is a girl in my office who always very panicky in doing things so they all call her "kan-cheong spider".

I asked Darl why is spider very panicky, he said probably because it has many legs so looked like very panicky. Then I asked him," 摸虫 got how many legs le?" He thought for awhile and said,"Not sure." Then he said," 摸虫 probably looks like mok~mok*".

Omg.. Zzz... Then I said,"I don't want to be called a 摸虫 anymore".
He said,"You can't choose the title, in fact, you have to earn it in order to be crowned with the title!"
.. Zzz.. "Oei!!"

* Mok~mok , a kind of organism that is transformed from food residuals left unwashed for several days, or from the forgotten fruits or forgotten rubbish. Usually green in color.

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