Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is This The End?

Mae baobao has been hacked.

She was last seen 3 days ago, in pink bathrobe with snowboard in hand, slaying pumpkins in the graveyard. She later entered the Halloween Mansion after spoken to a cat.

This evening, she was discovered in the FM, unarmed and almost naked. All her valuables were gone - fairfrozen, whitegloves, lollipop, capes, including the zak helm her boyfriend faught for her. Not a penny left for her to take cab even. Just when she's at her worst, she felt something in her pocket, it's a ring! The gold wedding ring!

Is this all she's left with? She might have lost her valuables but not her might and power, in fact the biggest fear of all is the lost of INTEREST! She hereby declared official retirement following the unfortunate incident, but will never forget the many happy moment spent with her buddies. She would like to thank all for their friendship and companion, giving her such sweet memories throughout her stay there.. Mae baobao will be back one day!

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