Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flying Nippon Roach

Darl says the other day 2 roaches (real and alive) sitting in the middle of the walkway at the interchange caused heavy traffic jam coz most of the passer-by are girls. Well, one thing that freak me out about cockroach is that they can fly.

RC Flying Cockroach ~ from Taiyo
Size: 145 x 87 x 90mm (5.7x3.4x3.5”)

The description of above product says : The multidirectional remote lets you control the little critter, but also charge it as a docking station. A thirty-minute charge gets you a five minute flight around the room, scaring your victims or just taking a leisurely cruise. Your choice!

*** Don't try this at home, especially at Mollie's home. She will smash it with whatever she has in hand and make sure your US$59 goes down the drain!!!

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