Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lousy Food

Korkor joined us for dinner in the midst of his marathon. The restaurant has nice ambience and nice pictures (of food), so we decided to give it a try, as Darl knows i love soup.

It was 5pm and the restaurant was still quite empty at that point, but we were shocked that the soup we picked were sold out, so we picked another one. It turned out very oily, this is the second time i had Shanghai food, are they all so oily?

Next is the chicken, never expect a small plate of over $10 steamed chicken turned out to be a whole chunk of breast meat, and you know Darl doesn't eat that. Even Golden Shoes' food are much tastier.

Last thing, the waiter and waitress keep popping by to check if we have finished our food and wanted to collect back their plates. I feel like asking, " You don't have enough plates to go around? I don't think you have that many customers you know?"

Sigh.. I think I won't go back there anymore, I still prefer Soup Restaurant, the price is cheaper by half somemore.

Ok, I want to go for supper liao, just now that dinner really cannot make it. =(

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