Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is the brownie my big big boss made the other day, one colleague took out and distribute it yesterday, she tried very hard to stick the ice-cream to the top of the brownie, but some failed, so some colleagues exclaimed,"ee.. why my ice-cream is not sitting on the brownie one?" Aiyo.. nevermind la.. when they go into your stomach, you think they still bother who sit where meh..

We are so lucky because our big big boss enjoys cooking, she always make us nice dessert like almond jelly, agar agar or brownies. =)

She may look stern when she does not smile, but she is actually a good boss. The other day she asked me,"How are you coping?" Coz my boss has been seconded to another department to handle the market crisis matter, so I need to back her up this whole month especially when my big big boss is not around. So far still manageable, but I'm just glad that she asked. She asks becoz she cares. =) Thank you.

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