Monday, October 20, 2008


Today our big big boss take care of our lunch, she must be having crave for curry chicken, she ordered a very big pot of it and it's quite nice. The premium lounge is occupied so we all squeeze in our big big big boss's room to eat, hahaha..

The menu :
1. Curry Chicken (lotsa nice and soft potatoes inside)
2. French Loaf
3. Fried Bee Hoon
4. Siew Mai
5. Otah (Each person gets 2)
6. Ketupat + Satay Sauce
7. Mixed Vege of broccoli, califlower, carrot & mushroom (Big big boss cooked one)
8. Almond Jelly (Big big boss made one)
9. Brownie (Big big boss made one) - This one leave till tomorrow coz all too full already... luckily no need to play in-between... heng ar... lol

Didn't manage to take any photo of the food this time round coz squeeze into the room liao very difficult to come out.. However, have taken some photo of my office, this is my little workstation. Only one month plus here already so messy.. haha..

Working on highly confidential stuffs here.. so have lowered the photo resolution to ensure that CSI can't crack those documents on my desk. lol...

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