Monday, October 27, 2008

Bag for Work

This is my working bag, from Bonia. Sometimes I feel that it's very executive, but sometimes I feel that it's very aunty.. I think it depends on what I wear..

Anyway.. let me introduce u the bag and it's gang :

1. Bonia 包包
2. Hardly use this ear piece, seems too big for my small ears.
3. My lovely Nokia, Dean bought a similar one too, but one month later he bought another Samsung, he still prefers Samsung.. lol..
4. 'Attraction' by Lancome. I also like 'Intense' by Hugo Boss. =)
5. 'Studio Perfect Foundation' by M.A.C. Bought from duty free shop.
6. 'Rouge A Levres Attraction' by Lancome. Suitable for evening. Actually, the only time when I put on lipstick is when I off work heading for hot dates.. haha..
7. Mini hair-clip from Chomel. To pin my irritating fringe.
8. I 'accidentally' took it out of the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai.. lol..
9. Mollie の 小簿簿. To pen down any ideas or reminders as and when they come to mind.
10. Very cyber comb, can't remember where it's from..
11. This thumb drive is very old liao, only 2GB but so far meet my needs.
12. Keychain bought during our trip to Melbourne with Korkor and wife.
13. Canon Ixus 80 IS Digital Camera, not that IS afterall, personal opinion.
14. A gift from colleague from her Bangkok shopping spree.
15. Colleagues from previous department give one. =D

All my stuffs are of very earth color.. even my working outfit also.. Dean always say that my outfits are either black, white or brown.. Very down to earth person mah.. hehe..

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