Monday, October 27, 2008

Bag for Leisure

I wanted to buy this bag for a long time already, but I do not know which design to get, finally settled with this one. Dean asked me to get an orangy one but I prefer this, then when Darl saw he says "eee.. poisonous mushroom!!" zzz...


1. Poisonous Mushie Bag. The Kitty is from Darl, he bought from Japan one.
2. One out of the many Lock-Lock I have.
ZIPit from Dean. Carries all my essentials, show you later.
4. Name card holder tat holds all my cards and passes.
5. 'Cyber comb. It's from one of the hotels if i'm not wrong. =P
6. Strawberry hair clip.
7. Rouge A Levres Sheer' by Red Earth. My favourite colour.
8. My phone, can't live without.
9. Pen as previous.
10. Mollie の 小簿簿.
11. Coin pouch, bought from Taiwan. Very handy when go market.
12. Tissue pouch, colleague buy from her Bangkok shopping spree.
13. Guess purse.
14. The not very stable Canon Ixus 80 IS Digital Camera.

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