Wednesday, October 22, 2008

256 MB RAM - PC

Out of all thing u muz mention my pc lor.. the thing tat makes me vomit blood every morning!! Today is the n-times i feel like smashing my keyboard liao.. actually the keyboard is innocent one, who ask the monitor to be so bulky n heavy while the casing hides under the table.. ggrrr.. so i see wat throw wat lor.. U like the monitor? giv u giv u.. come n claim be4 i smash it..

Every morning it took me around 20 minutes to start up, sometimes worst.. especially when u very kan-cheong many many things to do and rushing for cut-off time then it hang no giv face.. Once I actually timed it, 32 sec to open a mail of 646kb.. and sometimes they send me something around 1mb hor.. and i very busy no time sort hor.. u will see me jump across the mails like crossing the longkang.. and if i accidentally click tio longkang hor.. die liao.. all operation cease for 1 minute or so... apa ini maciam.. weli angri u noe.. ggrrr..

Can you imagine that pc only 256 MB RAM?? My old pc @ home last time is way better than that but i already cannot tahan hurry hurry go change a new one.. Then now i get this one.. the colleagues still tell me, eh your pc new one le.. just change only 2 years ago.. alamak.. izit..

Wat to do.. still hav to work.. maybe think this way feel better la - Many ppl wan 256 MB RAM PC also dun hav ar.. Wow! I own an extinction piece! How precious! Must handle with extra care man..


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