Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

I never know which day Halloween falls on, today is the first time that I notice Halloween actually falls on 31st October.

I remembered one Friday night, many years back, we went drinking with the same old gang as usual, then we passed by some shops along a quiet lane @ Bugis, then some people in their customes suddenly appeared from nowhere, we got a shock.. we thought, how come haven't drink already drunk ah??! Haha.. We didn't expect it coz we didn't know that day is Halloween. Some of those buddies are now back to Kuching already, not sure if they still remember this incident.

Also remembered that during my uni days, October is usually exam week, and I usually keep my windows open when I study at night (except winter time). You know when the light is on, you can't see what's outside because of reflection. Then there were this group of ang moh who came out to celebrate (scare people), one stood outside and stick his face on my window for sometimes, then when I saw it I screamed! So sick sia! zzz... However, these are just some of my Halloween memories... never celebrate before, and before I knew it, it's over.. haha..

To know more about Halloween. [link].
  • Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted attractions, carving jack-o'-lanterns, reading scary stories, and watching horror movies.
Maybe next year can try?! lol...
  • 2008 - Friday
  • 2009 - Saturday
  • 2010 - Sunday

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Supper Time

Nowadays I seldom eat dinner, don't know why, but I just don't feel like eating anything. However, when it's time to go to bed, I'll say I am hungry...zzz. Darl offered to cook me instant noodle or fried me an egg, but I'm not that hungry though, I just feel like biting something, so I'll go to the kitchen to dig some junk food to eat.

Darl discovered that I m just 'mouth itchy', so every now and then he will buy some different varieties of food on his way home, just in case, like tonight. Haha.. now this piece of cheese cake is already in my stomach.. blurp.. Thanks! =P

We used to supper @ :
  • Roti Prata @ Jalan Kayu (with buddies)
  • McDonald's @ 24hrs outlet
  • Oasis Porridge @ Kallang Stadium (moved)
  • Instant Noodle @ home
  • Milo + Biscuit @ home
If you have any better suggestions please share.. =D

Kitty Séow

My colleagues are all girls, so there are a lot of pinkie & girlie stuffs in our office. So far got Doraemon séow, Melody séow, Hello Kitty séow, Strawberry Shortcake séow... and some other unidentified mobs séow...

Here are some biscuits from them. They stick the biscuits all over their monitors... I want to eat also pai seh, later they say i very 'cruel'... lol...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taxi Driver from Hell

Half of my ex-colleagues have moved over to the same building where I work. Today is their first day here and I am so happy to see them! Have not seen them for 2 months. =D

Supposed to leave office with one of my ex-colleagues coz we take the same route home, but I left office earlier because I wasn't feeling very well. And because I wasn't feeling very well, I've decided to take a cab which I should never have. True enough, my nightmare began when I boarded this cab. The taxi driver was speeding and driving recklessly throughout the journey. When he came to every traffic light, he looked as if he would beat the red light, then he would brake suddenly at the speed of 80km/hr, I was being thrown back and forth like a non living thing for the many many traffic lights along the journey.

I wanted to tell him that I'm not in a hurry but I dare not talk to him, you never know he may be an escape from Woodbridge. I'm sorry to say this but every taxi driver I met just couldn't help proving that they are crazier than the other. I was so scared. The distance between my house and work place is actually very short and usually cost not more than $8. I feel so sick when I reached home, and I quickly alight not even wanting to wait for the receipt, then he shouted "Ten Dollars!" I didn't bother that much as I'm feeling worst after the ride so I just pay and go.

Now I'm feeling better already, think back, I should have waited for the receipt so I could share it with all of you. It's not the worst taxi experience I have ever had after all, it's just another crazy ride. I wonder why such people exist!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bag for Work

This is my working bag, from Bonia. Sometimes I feel that it's very executive, but sometimes I feel that it's very aunty.. I think it depends on what I wear..

Anyway.. let me introduce u the bag and it's gang :

1. Bonia 包包
2. Hardly use this ear piece, seems too big for my small ears.
3. My lovely Nokia, Dean bought a similar one too, but one month later he bought another Samsung, he still prefers Samsung.. lol..
4. 'Attraction' by Lancome. I also like 'Intense' by Hugo Boss. =)
5. 'Studio Perfect Foundation' by M.A.C. Bought from duty free shop.
6. 'Rouge A Levres Attraction' by Lancome. Suitable for evening. Actually, the only time when I put on lipstick is when I off work heading for hot dates.. haha..
7. Mini hair-clip from Chomel. To pin my irritating fringe.
8. I 'accidentally' took it out of the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai.. lol..
9. Mollie の 小簿簿. To pen down any ideas or reminders as and when they come to mind.
10. Very cyber comb, can't remember where it's from..
11. This thumb drive is very old liao, only 2GB but so far meet my needs.
12. Keychain bought during our trip to Melbourne with Korkor and wife.
13. Canon Ixus 80 IS Digital Camera, not that IS afterall, personal opinion.
14. A gift from colleague from her Bangkok shopping spree.
15. Colleagues from previous department give one. =D

All my stuffs are of very earth color.. even my working outfit also.. Dean always say that my outfits are either black, white or brown.. Very down to earth person mah.. hehe..

Bag for Leisure

I wanted to buy this bag for a long time already, but I do not know which design to get, finally settled with this one. Dean asked me to get an orangy one but I prefer this, then when Darl saw he says "eee.. poisonous mushroom!!" zzz...


1. Poisonous Mushie Bag. The Kitty is from Darl, he bought from Japan one.
2. One out of the many Lock-Lock I have.
ZIPit from Dean. Carries all my essentials, show you later.
4. Name card holder tat holds all my cards and passes.
5. 'Cyber comb. It's from one of the hotels if i'm not wrong. =P
6. Strawberry hair clip.
7. Rouge A Levres Sheer' by Red Earth. My favourite colour.
8. My phone, can't live without.
9. Pen as previous.
10. Mollie の 小簿簿.
11. Coin pouch, bought from Taiwan. Very handy when go market.
12. Tissue pouch, colleague buy from her Bangkok shopping spree.
13. Guess purse.
14. The not very stable Canon Ixus 80 IS Digital Camera.


Next, is my Essential Pouch - ZIPit.
This pouch is from Dean, when he gives this to me, I found money inside, and he says, never give people an empty coin pouch. O i c..

The content changes according to season and times of the month, actually I'll also bring it to work, coz essential ma..

1. Samsonite Lock-pad (in case need to go gym for a shower).
2. lipstick (spare one)
3. Axe oil (my live savior if I have no choice but to take cab)
4. Pen knife (To open tidbits packages when I can't wait till home)
5. Oil blotting papers (For emergency)
6. Alcohol swap (In case I cut myself, I have sensitive skin)
7. Handiplus (same)
8. Vitamins (Ops.. today forget to take.. =P)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Darl

Can Share Your Birthday Wishes With Me? =D

BBQ Chicken

Korkor intro us this BBQ chicken which is very very nice.. each plate comes with 2 chicken wings, a bit of salad and a piece of keropok, only $2.80! The meat is so tender and juicy that I can't have enough, so I ta-pao 2 more chicken wings for supper, also tapao 2 for korkor to bring home for Lin. Who wants to eat, I bring you there next time. =D

Soya Milk / Soya Milk + Glass Jelly / Glass Jelly

Friday, October 24, 2008


We bought an ice-cream cake today and inside got a lotsa dry ice. Darl says he is going to show me some magic, but i must not touch the ice coz it burns. He filled the bowl with water and put a piece of ice into it. Wah.. very nice effect wor!! I am very excited and wanted to put my hand into the misty bowl, he says "NO!!!" He stopped me a few times, until he gives up, he says,"Ok I'll let you put in but for once only". I say okie. =D

Then he brings the ice into the toilet and throw it into the toilet bowl, very soon, it became a misty toilet bowl. "Now you may put your hand inside.." he said.

=( bully me.. Ok la.. he birthday let him win la..

Hehe.. later got cake cake to eat.. soon soon.. now is 11.50pm liao.. =D

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is the brownie my big big boss made the other day, one colleague took out and distribute it yesterday, she tried very hard to stick the ice-cream to the top of the brownie, but some failed, so some colleagues exclaimed,"ee.. why my ice-cream is not sitting on the brownie one?" Aiyo.. nevermind la.. when they go into your stomach, you think they still bother who sit where meh..

We are so lucky because our big big boss enjoys cooking, she always make us nice dessert like almond jelly, agar agar or brownies. =)

She may look stern when she does not smile, but she is actually a good boss. The other day she asked me,"How are you coping?" Coz my boss has been seconded to another department to handle the market crisis matter, so I need to back her up this whole month especially when my big big boss is not around. So far still manageable, but I'm just glad that she asked. She asks becoz she cares. =) Thank you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sleepless Nite

Ciat lat.. must have drank too much coffee today.. It's almost 3am already and I'm still up and alert, maybe should go office to clear some work so tomorrow no need to stay back, tonight i mean, the coming evening i mean.

What do u do when u can't sleep? Can anyone suggest anything?

During my school days, I'll go to the computer lab to play Super Mario.. or leave the house as early as 4am and slowly walk to town for McD breakfast. I'll always put on my greyish windbreaker with hood + man's boots so people can't really tell if i'm a gal or a guy, anyway, NZ is pretty safe. Btw, why man's boots? Well, kids wear compare to adults are usually cheaper by half, and u know angmo are very big size, so I fit into the male kids large size just fine! Hehe..

Sleepless nite i feel is the most lonely moment, coz everyone is sleeping, you have only pillows to talk to.. Oh ya.. I know what I can do liao.. to eat tomorrow's breakfast in advance. Haha.. Anyway, I am really hungry now and I'm think of milk + cornflake! Ok ON!

Cornflake, make me sleep plz.. zzz..

256 MB RAM - PC

Out of all thing u muz mention my pc lor.. the thing tat makes me vomit blood every morning!! Today is the n-times i feel like smashing my keyboard liao.. actually the keyboard is innocent one, who ask the monitor to be so bulky n heavy while the casing hides under the table.. ggrrr.. so i see wat throw wat lor.. U like the monitor? giv u giv u.. come n claim be4 i smash it..

Every morning it took me around 20 minutes to start up, sometimes worst.. especially when u very kan-cheong many many things to do and rushing for cut-off time then it hang no giv face.. Once I actually timed it, 32 sec to open a mail of 646kb.. and sometimes they send me something around 1mb hor.. and i very busy no time sort hor.. u will see me jump across the mails like crossing the longkang.. and if i accidentally click tio longkang hor.. die liao.. all operation cease for 1 minute or so... apa ini maciam.. weli angri u noe.. ggrrr..

Can you imagine that pc only 256 MB RAM?? My old pc @ home last time is way better than that but i already cannot tahan hurry hurry go change a new one.. Then now i get this one.. the colleagues still tell me, eh your pc new one le.. just change only 2 years ago.. alamak.. izit..

Wat to do.. still hav to work.. maybe think this way feel better la - Many ppl wan 256 MB RAM PC also dun hav ar.. Wow! I own an extinction piece! How precious! Must handle with extra care man..


Monday, October 20, 2008


Today our big big boss take care of our lunch, she must be having crave for curry chicken, she ordered a very big pot of it and it's quite nice. The premium lounge is occupied so we all squeeze in our big big big boss's room to eat, hahaha..

The menu :
1. Curry Chicken (lotsa nice and soft potatoes inside)
2. French Loaf
3. Fried Bee Hoon
4. Siew Mai
5. Otah (Each person gets 2)
6. Ketupat + Satay Sauce
7. Mixed Vege of broccoli, califlower, carrot & mushroom (Big big boss cooked one)
8. Almond Jelly (Big big boss made one)
9. Brownie (Big big boss made one) - This one leave till tomorrow coz all too full already... luckily no need to play in-between... heng ar... lol

Didn't manage to take any photo of the food this time round coz squeeze into the room liao very difficult to come out.. However, have taken some photo of my office, this is my little workstation. Only one month plus here already so messy.. haha..

Working on highly confidential stuffs here.. so have lowered the photo resolution to ensure that CSI can't crack those documents on my desk. lol...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kan-cheong Spider Vs 摸虫

Everytime before we go out, I will take some time to get ready, so Darl always call me a 摸虫. There is a girl in my office who always very panicky in doing things so they all call her "kan-cheong spider".

I asked Darl why is spider very panicky, he said probably because it has many legs so looked like very panicky. Then I asked him," 摸虫 got how many legs le?" He thought for awhile and said,"Not sure." Then he said," 摸虫 probably looks like mok~mok*".

Omg.. Zzz... Then I said,"I don't want to be called a 摸虫 anymore".
He said,"You can't choose the title, in fact, you have to earn it in order to be crowned with the title!"
.. Zzz.. "Oei!!"

* Mok~mok , a kind of organism that is transformed from food residuals left unwashed for several days, or from the forgotten fruits or forgotten rubbish. Usually green in color.

Comics received from a random mass mail >

Raffles City New Look

Haven't been there for awhile, quite classy after renovation. [link]

Flying Nippon Roach

Darl says the other day 2 roaches (real and alive) sitting in the middle of the walkway at the interchange caused heavy traffic jam coz most of the passer-by are girls. Well, one thing that freak me out about cockroach is that they can fly.

RC Flying Cockroach ~ from Taiyo
Size: 145 x 87 x 90mm (5.7x3.4x3.5”)

The description of above product says : The multidirectional remote lets you control the little critter, but also charge it as a docking station. A thirty-minute charge gets you a five minute flight around the room, scaring your victims or just taking a leisurely cruise. Your choice!

*** Don't try this at home, especially at Mollie's home. She will smash it with whatever she has in hand and make sure your US$59 goes down the drain!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lousy Food

Korkor joined us for dinner in the midst of his marathon. The restaurant has nice ambience and nice pictures (of food), so we decided to give it a try, as Darl knows i love soup.

It was 5pm and the restaurant was still quite empty at that point, but we were shocked that the soup we picked were sold out, so we picked another one. It turned out very oily, this is the second time i had Shanghai food, are they all so oily?

Next is the chicken, never expect a small plate of over $10 steamed chicken turned out to be a whole chunk of breast meat, and you know Darl doesn't eat that. Even Golden Shoes' food are much tastier.

Last thing, the waiter and waitress keep popping by to check if we have finished our food and wanted to collect back their plates. I feel like asking, " You don't have enough plates to go around? I don't think you have that many customers you know?"

Sigh.. I think I won't go back there anymore, I still prefer Soup Restaurant, the price is cheaper by half somemore.

Ok, I want to go for supper liao, just now that dinner really cannot make it. =(

Canon Marathon

Didn't go for the Canon Marathon though I've already registered. I called my kor when I woke up, he said he's alone. We quickly packed our stuff and went down town to show some support.

There are around 1,300 participants I heard, and the prizes sounded really good :

  • 1st Prize :
    EOS 50D with EF-S 18-55mm IS
    Pixma Pro9000
    iPod Nano 8GB
    Manfrotto 055XDB Tripod (worth $230)
    Lexar 4GB Memory Card
    Autographed Copy of the Photographer's Eye
    8-day EOS Explorer of Light Photo Workshop to New Zealand worth $7,000.
  • 2nd Prize :
    EOS 40D with EF-S 18-55mm IS
    + bla bla bla...

  • 3rd Prize :
    EOS 450D with EF-S 18-55mm IS
    + bla bla bla...

(Source of info :

The marathon started at 7.30am, and the last assignment was to be submitted at 8pm, we sms kor to find out how's things going but no reply, guess he must be too tired.

Anyway, want to make a guess on the topics of the 3 assignments? Think you can never guessed :

Very abstract right? lol..

Stamping Nail Art

Colleagues drove out of the Ulu place for lunch and came back with this interesting stuff.

Apply the special nail polish onto the desired image on the metal plate, scrap the paint off with the scraper, then use the stamp to transfer the image from the plate to your nail.

Today is the trial run. We shall polish our nails (the base coat) this weekend and have an actual run on Monday, so everyone will lunch in on Monday. Haha..

(See my finger nail, got a little girl ->)

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Great Stock Market Crashes of the Last 100 Years

1929 : The Great Depression
1973 : The Oil Shock
1987 : Black Monday
1997 : The Asian Financial Crisis
2001 : The Bust and 9/11
2003 : Sars and the Iraq War
2008 : The Credit Crisis

Crisis Glossary

1. Securitisation
If a bank lends money to a co. / individual, it's simply called a loan. So the bank "securitises" the loans it has, packaging them into investments (IOUs) & selling them to 3rd party investors. The bank has now taken the risk of the loans off its books & no longer needs to set aside capital to protect against their default. So it's free to grant even more dodgy loans.

2. Morgage-backed securities (MBS)
These repackaged home loans are the "IOUs" that 3rd party investors bought. Investors are willing to buy MBS because each security is backed by thousands of loans, so the risk of default is much lower. Besides, they get paid a healthy interest return & can even buy a "credit default swap" to insure themselves against default. Crafty investment banks can even securitise the already securitised loans again & sell them off again.

3. Credit default swaps
These are essentially "insurance policies" that companies / investors buy to protect themselves from the default of something or someone. The buyers of these swaps make regular payments (much like insurance premiums) to a swap seller, usually an insurer, in exchange for a payout when there's a default.

4. Collateralised debt obligations (CDOs)
CDOs are like MBS, but instead of mortgages they are made up of different types of assets, including commercial property & bonds. CDOs & MBS are some of the instruments which people nowadays call "toxic debt".

5. Leveraging / Gearing
Measures the degree to which a co. / investor is using borrowed money. Companies that are highly leveraged / geared borrow a lot of money compared to how much they actually have. Leveraging plays an important role in the financial crisis because many investment banks borrowed heavily - using their shares as collateral - to invest in risky high-return securities. This was highly profitable as long as the market was rising. On the other hand "deleveraging" means - as asset prices fall and confidence evaporates, banks & companies have to put up more collateral and reduce their debt levels by selling assets and rising capital.

6. The London Interbank Overnight Rate (Libor) & the Singapore Interbank Overnight Rate (Sibor)
These terms refer to the rates that banks charge when they lend money to one another in London & Singapore. The rates are set daily by banks themselves & ar e different from the rates at which banks lend money to individuals.

7. Treasuries
Government bonds issued by the U.S Treasury Dept. They include treasury bills, treasury notes & treasury bonds, which have different maturity periods. Treasuries are seen as the ultimate safe-haven investment because they are denominated in USD - the reserve currency of the world - & also backed by the mighty US gov't.

8. Derivatives
A class of instruments that derive their value from another underlying asset, such as a co. stock, allowing investors to profit from movements in the stock price without actually owning the stock. Investors can also buy derivatives to take bets on anything from interest rates to the weather. US billionaire investor Warren Buffett has warned that these complex investments are a time bomb, calling them "financial weapons of mass destruction".

9. Short-selling
This when an investor sells a financial instrument like a stock that he doesn't own in the hope of buying i back later at a lower price & earning a profit. Short-sellers often borrow stock to make good their trades. Short- sellers have exacerbated the financial crisis because their selling actions ahve pushed stock prices down very sharply. This has prompted many countries to temporarily ban the practice.

10. Hedge funds
These are private, barely regulated investment funds that manage assets using high-risk, high-return strategiese. They typically borrow money ("leverage") to eke out bigger returns & are often blamed for indiscriminate short-selling. Originally named after th eir tendency to hedge their investments to reduce risk, hedge funds now include funds that do nothedge, & those that use hedging methods to increase risk so as to get greater returns.

(Source of info : The Straits Times)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


“The soul takes flight to a world that is invisible, and there arriving she is sure of bliss and forever dwells in paradise.” ~ Lady Jane Grey

“The living are just the dead on holiday”
~ Maurice Maeterlinck, 1862 – 1949

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is This The End?

Mae baobao has been hacked.

She was last seen 3 days ago, in pink bathrobe with snowboard in hand, slaying pumpkins in the graveyard. She later entered the Halloween Mansion after spoken to a cat.

This evening, she was discovered in the FM, unarmed and almost naked. All her valuables were gone - fairfrozen, whitegloves, lollipop, capes, including the zak helm her boyfriend faught for her. Not a penny left for her to take cab even. Just when she's at her worst, she felt something in her pocket, it's a ring! The gold wedding ring!

Is this all she's left with? She might have lost her valuables but not her might and power, in fact the biggest fear of all is the lost of INTEREST! She hereby declared official retirement following the unfortunate incident, but will never forget the many happy moment spent with her buddies. She would like to thank all for their friendship and companion, giving her such sweet memories throughout her stay there.. Mae baobao will be back one day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wasabi Burger

After reading Ping's blog about the Wasabi Burger, I also buy one to try. Was getting ready for the thrill but... taste no diff from fish burger le..

Can you see the green green sauce? eee.. sorry I bite one mouth liao.. kinda gross.. anyway.. tat's wasabi sauce.. quite plain lor..

Aiyo don't invent so many bo-ya-bo-cia thing la.. pls bring back the garlic chilli la!

Garlic Chilli please~~~ Garlic Chilli! Garlic Chilli! Garlic Chilli! please please please~~~~~~

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Was searching for a photo, can't find the one I'm looking for, but found many others. Happen to meet CK online therefore shared some of the photos with him. In one of the photos, he stood by a sport car in pink pants and blonde hair. He exclaimed, "Wah! tat was so long ago!"

"I've got more!" Many on our Karaoke, Steamboat, Mahjong, BBQ, East Coast, Clubbing.. etc.. all you can think of! In our younger days we chiong and chiong like there's no tomorrow! Haha!

He says the photos bring back alotsa memories..

Ya.. really miss those days.. I shall post up the photos when I've got the time to re-reorganize them.

Halloween Quests

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birthday Present ~ For Dean

Happy Birthday to Dean & May All Your Wishes Come True

From Darl & Mollie

Actually only wanted to give Dean the present tomorrow, but he is not in good mood now due to something, so hope this could cheer him up a bit.

One of the present is what he really wanted, the others are what we think he may like.
Cheap but cute stuffs, hope he will like it.

My Green Dinner

Darl's dinner.

My dinner.
I Love Vege! =D

Puchi Petities Draw

Opened my Petite box first thing in the morning!
Wah! cute hor! So happy.. Who want to tapao??

Friday, October 10, 2008

Staff Issues

续前文提到有关staff issue 的事后,一些感同深受的朋友都纷纷发表意见,还在 Shoutbox 里 role play 起来。 令我感到十分欣慰, 谢谢你们。 有机会再与你们分享一些有关的趣事。

Pre-Birthday Celebration for Dean

Was on leave today and had decided to make a trip down town before I turned into a mountain turtle (coz camp too long at Ulu-Ulu), at the same time, to submit the application for Big Walk. The actual day is on 2 Nov 08. (See Pic : Goodies I got upon registration.)

Meet Dean for lunch as a pre-birthday celebration just in case, he is quite fully booked over the weekend. We settled our lunch at Fish & Co. as he has crave for fish.

I went shopping happily after the meal, bought a few pretty clothing and bag and was thinking of telling Darl, then I realised that my phone was not with me!!! Go one big round of searching and found my phone at Fish & Co. What a relief.. I'm definitely not eyeing on iphone yet, I still love my Nokia.

Pass by a toy shop on my way home so I bought this. Supposed to shop for birthday presents but ended up buying a lotsa things for myself instead.. pai seh.. Anyway, want to make a guess on which set do I get in the box? Result to be released tomorrow. Stay tuned! =D

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is TOO MUCH!

Was talking to my boss about recruitment over lunch break, a new staff will be joining us in 2 weeks time. It's not easy to find good candidates, they usually come well prepared so very often what you see may not be what you get.

I have this staff, in my previous job, tend to escalate complaints every other days. "The customer very impatient ah, very rude ah.. she doesn't want to speak to me, she only want to speak to manager.. bla bla bla.." Then the customer says,"Your staff ah, ask her everything also dunno, very unprofessional.. bla bla bla.."

Had countless coaching and counselling sessions but doesn't seem to improve, always claim that her ears are painful during the counselling. Finally, I've decided to sort out what went wrong. Putting aside all my works, I pulled a chair and sat beside her,"Today, I'll be your guardian angel to walk you through your duties and please do not hesitate to ask me anything that you are unsure of." Wah.. her reaction is real big,"No no no!.. no need! you sit here i cannot work!" I flared up "WAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!!"

And you know what? She stared at the screen most of the time, and I couldn't believe what I've discovered! Actually she doesn't know the buttons on the screen are "click-able"!!! And also, she doesn't know the right hand sidebar is "scroll-able"!!! No wonder she kept telling me that the info are not on the website! What on earth...$%^%$@$.. Win liao lor!!!

And of coz, she couldn't survive, she left. I do not want to take it personally, but I couldn't help feeling cheated. Actually she's quite a poor thing, coz she's very old already. Just when I thought the nightmare is over, there comes another one. She seemed keen to learn, very positive and always staying very late to complete her work. Then what is the problem? The problem is that she keep asking the same questions over and over again, best part is that and she couldn't remember that she had asked before even after so many times. Omg.. testing my patience?? Insane! I seriously doubted how they pass the screening..

I have no choice to the staffs assigned to me, so I think the most pitiful person is me. Believe it or not, handling difficult customers is never as challenging as handling staffs!

Therefore, people trying too hard to cross sell themselves and over promise, would only end up suffocating themselves, please do not 害人害己. Thank you very much.

AXN - Transmission Error

Darl just came into the room, not very happy.
Usually at this hour he is still in the living room glued to the TV.
Monday to Wednesday, standard one.

Just now I saw him hurried to the bathroom, then hurried to the living room, hurried to on TV, who knows the AXN channel said "TRANSMISSION ERROR".. zzz..

Now he not very happy lor..
Nevermind la.. one episode only..
CSI lor.. still got wat..

Sunday, October 5, 2008


3 months ago, I got Darl this egg, wanted to give him a surprise so did not tell him what it would turn up to be, but definitely not chick.

I also got Darl a gardener, who is supposed to take care of the egg. 3 months passed by, the egg never grow, but the gardener is still smiling. Coz he has many Japanese neighbours, and he totally forgotten about the egg!! zzz..

By the way, Dean also got one egg , he named it - 'eeeeeeee8'.. hahaha.. wonder how is his eeeeeeee8 now.. haha..

My niece @ 17th month

Photo of my niece, taken by my kor.

This is taken when she's much younger, so cute! Like advertising for KoolFever.

Now she can walk already, don't know when would she call me Aunty Mollie. Haha..

愿宝贝快高长大 !

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Weekend Helper is Coming

Today my kor asked us out coz long time never meet up liao. I also want to see my niece but I can't coz tomolo the weekend helper is coming. He says it's not related, I say yes it is coz i have to tidy the house a little. Then he teased me.

Kor : Got maid then leave it to maid la, why cannot come out?
Mollie :
I need to tidy a little if not how she clean?
Kor :
You clean liao then the maid do what?
Mollie :
I didn't clean la but i scare she anyhow throw my things so i tidy up a bit only..
Kor :
Oh I know la, u actually employ the maid to inspect ur work is it?
Mollie :
... (r u saying that i'm the maid) ...zzz
Kor :
No need to clean so early, Deepavali still 3 weeks away, come out la!
Mollie :
... (What has it gotta do with me) ... $%#^#@%...

He rang up in the evening, so we joined them for dinner at Swensen. Wow my niece can walk already!!!!!! My Kor fed her with fries and she asked for more, later he fed her with ice-cream, she stunned for 2 seconds then shivered a little, guess she didn't expect it to be cold.. haha so cute! My Kor bought a new lense of $1k+ and is asked me out for photo shooting tomorrow morning, aiya.. i cannot go le.. the weekend helper is coming la.. Darl says the helper seems to be some kinda bigshot as i've been pushing away appointments since Friday night.

Haiz... you dunno me... actually I'm always against the idea of having a helper, whether full time or hourly, I feel so uneasy to have a stranger at home. But this time round I've decided to give it a try, we were both very busy with work on the weekdays, hopefully with her help, we could earn some time to rest and to do our own stuffs on our precious weekends. But before she come, I think it's my job to make sure that the house is at least neat and tidy, coz I'm worried that she would throw my things away, not sure since when I started to have this phobia, anyway, I just want her to 'clean' my house, tidying is out of her job scope. Pray hard that she's good.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Your Farewell~

Look at this! Almond Jelly Longan! My favourite! My boss's boss made one, would like to have one more but was rushing for time. Tonight supposed to join colleagues for Karaoke, but was thinking, maybe should go home early because a weekend helper (maid) would pop by this Sunday, for the first time.

After the dessert, I sneak out of the office quietly, then someone shouted, "Bye Bye Mollie!" Then everyone turned over and said,"Mollie Bye Bye!" Wah so pai seh.. I will join you guys next time k..

The Karaoke is actually a farewell session for one of the staffs. He's the only male staff in our office, and always volunteer to help up with heavy stuff and festive decoration though he is quite skinny. Very humble and sensible guy. "Take care & we will certainly miss you!"

(Here is a card and some chocolates from him.)

... Think back, I've received many of such cards over the years. As I was always very busy at work, I would just thanked them and chuck it aside, by the time when I knocked off and have the time to look at it, they have already gone. Actually I feel quite bad but couldn't help it, those who knows me will know that I'm always very serious at work, if I'm very busy I usually won't look up when people talk to me. Once a new staff asked my colleague, "Is Mollie very stern?" I overheard and answered her jokingly across the partition,"Yes, so thanks God that you are not under me." Others laughed, I couldn't see her face, probably turned green already. lol.. But when they get to know me better after awhile, they would know that I'm actually 'harmless', they even tell me their secrets (have a crush on somebody.. etc) keke.. dun ask me, i promise not to tell anyone.. lol.. And they also tell me,"You are so different during lunch break!"

Some of my discoveries while sorting the paper bags last week :

(I'm not teacher le.. always call me sifu / laoshi.. make me feel very old.. zzz...)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Month Anniversary

Reached office this morning and everyone pointed at me - "今天你是老大!" My boss was on MC, this must be a surprise test - exactly on my one month anniversary... Stressed ' ' '

Ordered a cup of coffee to make sure that I stayed 100% awake. Surf net and read news while munching away with the cookies in my Lock-Lock. Didn't buy breakfast today coz of the slow traffic (rainy day).

At around 10am, work started piling up on my desk, and blinked, it's noon time. I lunch-in to make sure that I could finish my work, actually I just want to be more thorough, lotsa vetting and approving to be done.

(My lunch - Teriyaki Chicken Bento, I like this kinda egg.. yummy!)

At around 3pm, my boss's boss came in after meeting, she brought us some cake from the city, just nice for teabreak. At around 5.30pm, my desk is almost cleared, I dialed Darl and rest my eyes at the same time, happily told him my achievement, "My desk is quite clean now!" He was puzzled,"Huh? what happened??"

After clearing the last bit of my work , I tidy up my workstation and left office at around 6.38pm! What a tiring day~

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Crabby Meal

Our department is out for a feast tonight as tomorrow is a public holiday. The menu :

1. Pepper Crab
2. Chilli Crab
3. Steamed Crab
4. Kangkong
5. Kai Lan
6. Chicken Wing
7. Prawn
8. Fish
9. Man Tou
10. Mee Goreng
11. Lime Juice

Eat until have to play 'in-between' to settle. The Sri Lanka crabs' gong-gong is so big, almost the size of my fist! Thanks boss for the nice dinner.