Thursday, September 25, 2008

What you don't eat?

I have just discovered that actually I have quite a balanced diet, as compared to many people that I know. Ask yourself this question, what are the things that you don't eat? mm.. save the trouble, just tell me what you eat.

Everyone have their reasons or excuses on why they don't eat certain food, some are quite reasonable, some are quite =.=" !?!

These are some that I've came across :
  • Don't eat vege. (One says it taste weird another says it's hard to swallow and vege never appear on their table as the whole family don't eat vege.)
  • Don't eat garlic. (Too pungent for their tastebud, you know who you are, I chia you eat garlic juice next time k, haha..)
  • Don't eat bean sprout. (Feel giddy after eating, but later i realize that all those food that he doesn't like he will say it makes him giddy, such as sweet corn, capsicum, bitter gout etc .. zzz.. so I don't care, i force him to eat everything i eat! =.=" don't pretend pretend.)
  • Don't eat mee sua. (The person who gets giddy over above food also gets giddy over mee sua. He says because mee sua is very messy and seems too complicated, he prefers things that are more 'straight forward' and clear cut. He is also fussy over mixed rice where hawker dump all the food on top of the rice and pour gravy on, looks very messy and confusing. lol.. The food is not confused, but he is.. haha..)
  • Don't eat liver (The texture of it)
  • Don't drink milk. (I can never understand this.)
  • Don't drink strawberry milk. (Says taste like cough syrup.)
  • Don't eat almond jelly. (Says taste like dust mite.. omg.. he actually tasted dust mite before? yiak!)
  • Vegetarian. (I asked him to come along to prawn fishing, he says cannot because later his girlfriend will ask him "eee..why u kill e prawn?" coz the girlfriend is vegetarian, haha so cute!)
  • Don't eat shark fin. (She says it's cruel, don't eat sharkfin but eat other seafood, self contradicting.)
  • Don't eat anything with legs. (She never says why)
  • Don't eat pork. (Non-religion related, it's due to that she has witnessed a pig slaughtering episode during some secondary school programme, wonder what kinda school is that.)
  • Don't eat chicken feet. (The skin crumpled de.. ya if u dip in soya sauce, will be more obvious.. ee)
  • Don't drink boiled water. (She prefers tap water coz she says it's tastier. I told her, probably the germs are fresh and juicy when alive, that's why.)
  • Don't eat lozenges that has an Ah Pek's face on the packaging. (She finds it weird, and can't help thinking how are they related and if the ah pek is still alive.. zzz.. why bothers..)
  • Don't eat snake. (My kor said one, please award him with a 勤工奖)
I'm proud to say that I am very accommodating when it comes to food, of course I do have some craving or preference at times but it's all well manageable. I guess it very much dependant on the upbringing, my parents eat everything, so do my sis and I. However, I guess it only looks normal if I also have some dislikes. I still eat them, just less preferred :
  • Japanese Egg Tofu (Still eat, just less preferred)
  • Mustard (Still eat if there's no other sauce for the hotdog)
  • Pickles (Will try to remove them from the burger)
  • Barley + Shrimp (Food served during teabreak in Kindergarten, Taiwan)
  • Licorice (No thanks)
These are the only few that I could think of at least for now, but don't know why I am still so thin. Pls do not envy. lolz..

Btw, pls share with me on what you do not eat, leave comments please!

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