Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paper Bags and Boxes

Every weekend we will do house chord together, but this weekend we clear store room. It's ad hoc one, it all started when I am looking for present wrapper, the present wrapper happened to be below some boxes, and the boxes are below some paper bags, and the paper bags are below something else.. bla bla bla..

I therefore take out all of my paper bags and spent the whole afternoon with them while Darl camped in the store room sorting the boxes. I love collecting paper bags while Darl collects boxes. Now that my paper bags are in his boxes, and that we have thrown away half of the junk, the store room is now a "walk-in store room". Yeah!!

(The biggest and the smallest paper bags in my collections.)

Oh ya, forget to mention why am I looking for present wrapper. The cleaner in my office threw away a little pink box below my desk, the box has cute picture with japanese wordings, i use it to rest my handbag, I don't know why she threw it without asking. I asked her the following day when I saw her, she said she didn't know I still want it and she asked if I want the A4 paper box, I feel so pissed. I've got another box for my handbag, and to avoid such incident, I think I'd better wrap the box so it looks like a present, hopefully she won't throw it away again.. or would she report that as a bomb. =.=" omg..

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