Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Very Lousy Mutton Soup!

We just had our dinner at a foodcourt along Sengkang East xxx, can't remember if that is Road / Avenue / Way / Drive or what.. walau..

Anyway, the main issue is about the food. I ordered a bowl of Mutton Soup $4.50, I get 5 pieces of meat + 2 floating tao pok + a bowl of rice.

The meat appeared in this manner - a very thick layer of fat as you can see, with hard skin attached to it, hardly any meat. The meat is quite hard that I could hardly detach it from the bone, even after I've done so, the whole piece of i dunno wat, should i call it skin / fat / meat is so rubbery that I couldn't swallow. All the 5 pieces of rubbers are of this size or smaller, and obviously looks like left over. Look at the size of the rice grain and the spoon you will know how 'big' the meat is.

I love mutton soup very much and this stall just spoilt my appetite, I feel that it is very unethical for them to sell such lousy food. It is the worst mutton soup i've ever had.

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