Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Day of Comex - Aug 08

I bought a digicam for my dad, Darl bought an external hard disk and some RAMs for my pc (hee hee). Dean did not buy anything, actually he wanted to go Vivo but I persuaded him to come along. lolz..

This kinda event always attract large crowd because of the discount, freebies and lucky draw. Camera is all I bought but i go home with all these, two 4GB card and the kit bag with stuffs. (as per photo). Not bad, but it will be good if they give an extra battery instead. Darl won a laptop carrier from the lucky draw, he has been shopping for one, how lucky. =D

After that we had our dinner at Shokudo, Raffles City. (Marche concept eateries)

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