Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello Kitty @ Chinese Garden

My first time to Chinese Garden, very unforgettable one indeed.

It's a long journey to the garden, parked our car $3 and redeemed for a free Hello Kitty lantern, haven't had one for a very long time, very cute lantern, will show you on the actual day.

The garden is big and flooded with lotsa Hello Kitty & Friends. We didn't managed to tour the whole garden because it rain half way through.

Other then lanterns, there are also many other activities in the garden. (as below)

Then it rained, we were trapped at the pavilion for 45 minutes, and it's still raining, no choice we have to go or camp there, we reached the car 70% drenched. The journey home was far, cold and hungry, so we decided to have supper before heading home.
What a night.

(Credits : Thanks to Dean for the Lion Dance & Darl for the Ripple, I therefore dedicated this to you guys, your favourite, black black one.. dunno is what.. lol..)
~@~ With Thanks from Follie Mollie ~@~

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