Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Learnt something new from my kor today. It's called HDRi.

My kor is very nice, every time he come across new or nice stuffs he will share with me. We have also attended video editing classes together. Recess time is the happiest moment, coz can go Ah Moy for mutton soup! yeah! Ops sorry, i'm supposed to talk about HDRi.

What is HDRi?

HDRi stands for "High Dynamic Range Imaging". According to Wikipedia, it's a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of exposures, (the range of values between light and dark areas), than normal digital imaging techniques...

Let me put it this way, combine a series of bracketed exposures into a single image which encompasses the tonal detail of the entire series.

Mmm.. in layman term, take an underexposed photo and an overexposed photo of an identical object or view, each has it's best part in the photo, merge them together to even out the tonal, so the result is neither too bright nor too dark.
(Please correct me if i'm wrong =.=")

I found this saying on one website, "If you are serious about photography, you will find that HDRi is the final step that places digital ahead of analog. The old problem of over- and underexposure in analog photography, which was never fully solved, is elegantly bypassed here. A huge variety of subjects can now be photographed for the first time ever."

Wah.. sounded really great. can't wait to try out! Will shoot some photos this weekend, hopefully nice weather.

An example of HDRi from my kor.. [Link]
Thx.. Chia you drink , no Soya Milk today..

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