Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hacker Spoilt Everything

Read about the news that Asiasoft's servers were hacked into? It's in today's Straits Times.

The news said that lotsa gamers are furious with the company on inadequate security and the company has not mentioned about restoring the victims' accounts to the original state to date. I believe their main customers are working adults and professionals. One of my game buddies ever mentioned that the game to him is an investment. I've also came across a gamer whose grandpa play for him when he goes to school, and at time his mum and dad will also play for him. (Play as in training, to level up the character)

The paper also mentioned that some gamers had spent around $10k in the game while some has been playing since 8 years ago and is still active! If you are not aware, it is actually a FREE online game, but many just can't resist the fancy clothing, accessories, and attractive packages that are OPTIONAL.

I guess it's not all about money, it's the time, the energy and the effort people put in over the years to build up the characters. I'm glad that I've given up on the game a year ago, else I will definitely feel heart broken.

Some sweet sweet memories to share -
"The Rememberance of My Little Mapler & Buddies"

Note : 'Baby D' is my mapler's little kitty pet.

There are some info about the hack incident on the web :


  1. hint : baby d is also the "stoopid cat" in one of the screenshots

  2. Can't find it? Err.. it's right in the center of the first pic.. where cat = 'mimi'

  3. zzz.. know la.. walau.. dare dare say my cat stoopid.. now she is missing.. must be angry..