Monday, September 15, 2008

CBD vs Ulu-Ulu

Have been transferred to this new dept for 2 weeks already, it's far from CBD but I've slowly get used to it. Let's see how is it different from my previous work place.

First, talk about the accessibility. Traveling time has been cut by half, same goes to the fare, I was just telling Darl the other day that i saved so much on the fare compared to last time when i have to transit twice to reach CBD.. But right after I said this, on the very night the news on TV announced the adjustment to the fare, zzz, so people like me, who don't transit anymore, have to share the burden of those who transit.. anyway, it's still cheap la.. The only inconvenience is the non-sheltered walk way, basically the whole area is not facilitated with sheltered pavement, raining day is really a headache.

Talk about facility. CBD has all kinda facilities you can think of - boutiques, gift shops, bakery, pharmacy, clinic, laundry, barber, beauty salon, fitness centre, banks, post office, money changers, Singapore Pools (lol..).. etc. Now, what we get here are a few ATMs and a staff canteen within walking distance, the next eatery will be around 1 to 2 bus stop away. No shops nothing, can't run any errands too. Well, to think on the bright side - save $$ lor.. haha..

Talk about food, needless to say, CBD has everything. Eateries ranged from hawkers, foodcourt, fastfood to restaurants in 5 stars hotel. Coffee ranged from a dollar to five and pubs line up for happy hours on weekends, very happening indeed, but the crowd is horrible. Over at the new work place, the choice of food is... basically no choice. However, we have more flexible lunch hour and less crowded eateries. Non of my colleagues seems to be bothered by the limited selection of food here. On the busier days we will lunch in front of our pc, on the lighter days we will order pizza or 'zi char' and mingle at the 'Premium Lounge'. I noticed that they have the habit of eating dessert after meal, be it ice-cream, brownie, fruits or mooncake, everyone will have a share of it. To me, dessert is a luxury, because you will need to have the time to enjoy it, and most importantly, the mood. Therefore, i can tell that this bunch of people really enjoy working here despite the heavy workload, they know how to relax themselves. I already had 3 feasts in the past 2 weeks, 3 more coming before this month ends. Haha..

Above mentioned are the 3 biggest changes that's enough to culture shocked me. At least for the moment i still find it quite challenging. Haha..

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