Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tight Schedule This Week

Today knock off reached home was around 10pm+ already, wait no cab so take bus.. zzz..
Tomolo got dinner with colleagues ..
Wednesday got project to do..
Friday got farewell karaoke with colleagues..
I think u can check back next Monday.. lol.. serious.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chalet BBQ

~ Happy Birthday ee ~

Celebrating colleague's birthday at chalet last night.

The mutton satay is very nice.

Paper Bags and Boxes

Every weekend we will do house chord together, but this weekend we clear store room. It's ad hoc one, it all started when I am looking for present wrapper, the present wrapper happened to be below some boxes, and the boxes are below some paper bags, and the paper bags are below something else.. bla bla bla..

I therefore take out all of my paper bags and spent the whole afternoon with them while Darl camped in the store room sorting the boxes. I love collecting paper bags while Darl collects boxes. Now that my paper bags are in his boxes, and that we have thrown away half of the junk, the store room is now a "walk-in store room". Yeah!!

(The biggest and the smallest paper bags in my collections.)

Oh ya, forget to mention why am I looking for present wrapper. The cleaner in my office threw away a little pink box below my desk, the box has cute picture with japanese wordings, i use it to rest my handbag, I don't know why she threw it without asking. I asked her the following day when I saw her, she said she didn't know I still want it and she asked if I want the A4 paper box, I feel so pissed. I've got another box for my handbag, and to avoid such incident, I think I'd better wrap the box so it looks like a present, hopefully she won't throw it away again.. or would she report that as a bomb. =.=" omg..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Watch What You Buy!

The newspaper cutout explains everything.

Source : The Straits Times

Friday, September 26, 2008



Darl 一听完前要报导,马上跑进书房, 指着手里的饼干说,“不知道是不是这种。” 我也冲冲忙忙的跟出去确定一下。这可是一家大小所喜爱的小熊饼哦, 尤其是小皮的最爱。

经过一番证实之后,原来出事的是乐天小熊饼, 不是明治小熊饼,这才松了一口气, 因为家里和公司都储存了很多。这两种小熊饼除了厂家和包装不同以外,其实种族也不同,一只是无尾熊, 一只是熊猫。。。 所以大家要看清楚哦。




※ 不肖廠商為什麼要在奶粉中添加三聚氰胺?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What you don't eat?

I have just discovered that actually I have quite a balanced diet, as compared to many people that I know. Ask yourself this question, what are the things that you don't eat? mm.. save the trouble, just tell me what you eat.

Everyone have their reasons or excuses on why they don't eat certain food, some are quite reasonable, some are quite =.=" !?!

These are some that I've came across :
  • Don't eat vege. (One says it taste weird another says it's hard to swallow and vege never appear on their table as the whole family don't eat vege.)
  • Don't eat garlic. (Too pungent for their tastebud, you know who you are, I chia you eat garlic juice next time k, haha..)
  • Don't eat bean sprout. (Feel giddy after eating, but later i realize that all those food that he doesn't like he will say it makes him giddy, such as sweet corn, capsicum, bitter gout etc .. zzz.. so I don't care, i force him to eat everything i eat! =.=" don't pretend pretend.)
  • Don't eat mee sua. (The person who gets giddy over above food also gets giddy over mee sua. He says because mee sua is very messy and seems too complicated, he prefers things that are more 'straight forward' and clear cut. He is also fussy over mixed rice where hawker dump all the food on top of the rice and pour gravy on, looks very messy and confusing. lol.. The food is not confused, but he is.. haha..)
  • Don't eat liver (The texture of it)
  • Don't drink milk. (I can never understand this.)
  • Don't drink strawberry milk. (Says taste like cough syrup.)
  • Don't eat almond jelly. (Says taste like dust mite.. omg.. he actually tasted dust mite before? yiak!)
  • Vegetarian. (I asked him to come along to prawn fishing, he says cannot because later his girlfriend will ask him "eee..why u kill e prawn?" coz the girlfriend is vegetarian, haha so cute!)
  • Don't eat shark fin. (She says it's cruel, don't eat sharkfin but eat other seafood, self contradicting.)
  • Don't eat anything with legs. (She never says why)
  • Don't eat pork. (Non-religion related, it's due to that she has witnessed a pig slaughtering episode during some secondary school programme, wonder what kinda school is that.)
  • Don't eat chicken feet. (The skin crumpled de.. ya if u dip in soya sauce, will be more obvious.. ee)
  • Don't drink boiled water. (She prefers tap water coz she says it's tastier. I told her, probably the germs are fresh and juicy when alive, that's why.)
  • Don't eat lozenges that has an Ah Pek's face on the packaging. (She finds it weird, and can't help thinking how are they related and if the ah pek is still alive.. zzz.. why bothers..)
  • Don't eat snake. (My kor said one, please award him with a 勤工奖)
I'm proud to say that I am very accommodating when it comes to food, of course I do have some craving or preference at times but it's all well manageable. I guess it very much dependant on the upbringing, my parents eat everything, so do my sis and I. However, I guess it only looks normal if I also have some dislikes. I still eat them, just less preferred :
  • Japanese Egg Tofu (Still eat, just less preferred)
  • Mustard (Still eat if there's no other sauce for the hotdog)
  • Pickles (Will try to remove them from the burger)
  • Barley + Shrimp (Food served during teabreak in Kindergarten, Taiwan)
  • Licorice (No thanks)
These are the only few that I could think of at least for now, but don't know why I am still so thin. Pls do not envy. lolz..

Btw, pls share with me on what you do not eat, leave comments please!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

AVA's update on products detected to contain Melamine

As of today, AVA has detected melamine in a total of 8 products imported from China, they are :
  • Dutch Lady Banana Flavoured Milk;
  • Dutch Lady Honeydew Flavoured Milk;
  • Silang - House of Steamed Potato - Potato Cracker;
  • 徐 福 记 Puffed Rice Rolls - Butter Corn Flavour; and
  • 徐 福 记 Puffed Rice Rolls - Cheese Flavour
  • Yi Li Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt Flavoured Ice Confection;
  • Dutch Lady Strawberry Flavoured Milk; and
  • White Rabbit Creamy Candy
For enquiries on affected products, consumers can call AVA's hotline at 63257625 during office hours (8.30am - 6.00pm, Monday - Friday). For health concerns associated with the ingestion of melamine, consumers can call MOH's hotline at 1800-2254122.

Source : Above info. obtained from AVA website.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Learnt something new from my kor today. It's called HDRi.

My kor is very nice, every time he come across new or nice stuffs he will share with me. We have also attended video editing classes together. Recess time is the happiest moment, coz can go Ah Moy for mutton soup! yeah! Ops sorry, i'm supposed to talk about HDRi.

What is HDRi?

HDRi stands for "High Dynamic Range Imaging". According to Wikipedia, it's a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of exposures, (the range of values between light and dark areas), than normal digital imaging techniques...

Let me put it this way, combine a series of bracketed exposures into a single image which encompasses the tonal detail of the entire series.

Mmm.. in layman term, take an underexposed photo and an overexposed photo of an identical object or view, each has it's best part in the photo, merge them together to even out the tonal, so the result is neither too bright nor too dark.
(Please correct me if i'm wrong =.=")

I found this saying on one website, "If you are serious about photography, you will find that HDRi is the final step that places digital ahead of analog. The old problem of over- and underexposure in analog photography, which was never fully solved, is elegantly bypassed here. A huge variety of subjects can now be photographed for the first time ever."

Wah.. sounded really great. can't wait to try out! Will shoot some photos this weekend, hopefully nice weather.

An example of HDRi from my kor.. [Link]
Thx.. Chia you drink , no Soya Milk today..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Parking Game

Not in the mood to blog tonight.

Was Surfing , Emailing, Facebooking, Friendstering, Multiplying, Tidbiting.. etc etc etc.. Added a gadget on the sidebar - Parking 2. Sux! Haven't pass any so far.. wasted like 15 mins..

Time to sleep~ Nite..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Made in China

As per the News, more than 6,200 infants have become sick and 4 babies have died after being fed melamine*-laced baby formula.

Have received several SMS today regarding the contaminated dairy product, if the SMS were true, I'd have been poisoned because I've consumed 4 out of the 13 items mentioned in the SMS during the past 30 days.

According to AVA website, it has suspended the import and sale of all dairy product from China - including milk, ice cream, yogurt, confectionery such as chocolates, biscuits and candies. It was mentioned that AVA will not hesitate to prosecute any retailer and importer who fail to remove these items from the shelves. Under the Sale of Food Act, anyone found selling unwholesome food can be fined up to $10,000 and/or sentenced to 3 mths jail, or both. - Source : AVA

Glad to know that Singapore Gov't has reacted to it promptly and is doing it's best to protect the citizen's health. However, that's not all about China, after the tainted baby milk, now the toxic chair from China. Obviously chair is not for oral consumption, so how does it affect your health? To find out more > Source : The Seattle Times

Well, damage is done, heart is broken, the incident will definitely affect people's trust towards China's product. I'll be more careful with my choices from now on.

*Melamine - a toxic industrial chemical that can cause kidney stones and lead to kidney failure. It has no nutritional value but is high in nitrogen, making products with it appear higher in protein. Suppliers trying to cut costs are believed to have added it to watered-down milk to cover up the resulting protein deficiency. -
Source :

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cosplay on GCA

Had some portrait shootings today. I now realise that it's not very easy to shoot people, especially when they are moving around and that the lighting condition isn't always ideal, and sometimes there is also no time to set up the tripod too, coz they don't wait, while there are also many other photographers there fighting for the best spots.

Dean was there earlier and had shoot many interesting customes, there are even 'Sadako' and 'Death Notes'.. haha.. visit his site for more! [Link]

The next GCA will be in Taipei. For now, looking forward for the next cosplay event - Halloween!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday - Dinner @ Yacht Club

Today, a colleague tio 4D and treat us lunch. The mini cake is from another colleague, she says it's cute so she bought all one each. Still got ice-cream from boss in the fridge, too full already so save it for another day.

Everyone rushed off after work, as I was waiting for Darl to pick me up, the sun set so beautifully before my eyes, so i took out my potato camera and snap.

After that we meet up with Dean and he brought us to Sembawang Yacht Club for dinner. A sumptious dinner with nice food, nice ambience and nice music with live band. The bill also very 'nice' =P

Thursday, September 18, 2008

YumCha in the Office

This is what we had for lunch today. Boss treats lunch due to promotion. Congratez!!

1. Sesame Prawn Mango Roll
2. Fried Carrot Cake
3. Siew Mai
4. Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling
5. Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf
6. Prawn Dumpling
7. Deep Fried Custard Roll
8. Shark Fin with Meat Dumpling
9. Scallop with Pea Shoot Dumpling
10. Fried Vegetarian Spring Roll
11. Deep Fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp
12. Egg Tarts (not in pic)
13. Crispy Red Bean Paste with Banana (not in pic)

We eat until cannot walk n work.. zzz..

There is a tradition in our dept, whenever there are leftovers we will have to play a game call 'In-between'.. losers will have to finish the food.. kinda scary right.. Never worry about no food, only worry about too much food. But they never waste food, will try to finish everything, or leave for those who OT.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Very Lousy Mutton Soup!

We just had our dinner at a foodcourt along Sengkang East xxx, can't remember if that is Road / Avenue / Way / Drive or what.. walau..

Anyway, the main issue is about the food. I ordered a bowl of Mutton Soup $4.50, I get 5 pieces of meat + 2 floating tao pok + a bowl of rice.

The meat appeared in this manner - a very thick layer of fat as you can see, with hard skin attached to it, hardly any meat. The meat is quite hard that I could hardly detach it from the bone, even after I've done so, the whole piece of i dunno wat, should i call it skin / fat / meat is so rubbery that I couldn't swallow. All the 5 pieces of rubbers are of this size or smaller, and obviously looks like left over. Look at the size of the rice grain and the spoon you will know how 'big' the meat is.

I love mutton soup very much and this stall just spoilt my appetite, I feel that it is very unethical for them to sell such lousy food. It is the worst mutton soup i've ever had.

Monday, September 15, 2008

CBD vs Ulu-Ulu

Have been transferred to this new dept for 2 weeks already, it's far from CBD but I've slowly get used to it. Let's see how is it different from my previous work place.

First, talk about the accessibility. Traveling time has been cut by half, same goes to the fare, I was just telling Darl the other day that i saved so much on the fare compared to last time when i have to transit twice to reach CBD.. But right after I said this, on the very night the news on TV announced the adjustment to the fare, zzz, so people like me, who don't transit anymore, have to share the burden of those who transit.. anyway, it's still cheap la.. The only inconvenience is the non-sheltered walk way, basically the whole area is not facilitated with sheltered pavement, raining day is really a headache.

Talk about facility. CBD has all kinda facilities you can think of - boutiques, gift shops, bakery, pharmacy, clinic, laundry, barber, beauty salon, fitness centre, banks, post office, money changers, Singapore Pools (lol..).. etc. Now, what we get here are a few ATMs and a staff canteen within walking distance, the next eatery will be around 1 to 2 bus stop away. No shops nothing, can't run any errands too. Well, to think on the bright side - save $$ lor.. haha..

Talk about food, needless to say, CBD has everything. Eateries ranged from hawkers, foodcourt, fastfood to restaurants in 5 stars hotel. Coffee ranged from a dollar to five and pubs line up for happy hours on weekends, very happening indeed, but the crowd is horrible. Over at the new work place, the choice of food is... basically no choice. However, we have more flexible lunch hour and less crowded eateries. Non of my colleagues seems to be bothered by the limited selection of food here. On the busier days we will lunch in front of our pc, on the lighter days we will order pizza or 'zi char' and mingle at the 'Premium Lounge'. I noticed that they have the habit of eating dessert after meal, be it ice-cream, brownie, fruits or mooncake, everyone will have a share of it. To me, dessert is a luxury, because you will need to have the time to enjoy it, and most importantly, the mood. Therefore, i can tell that this bunch of people really enjoy working here despite the heavy workload, they know how to relax themselves. I already had 3 feasts in the past 2 weeks, 3 more coming before this month ends. Haha..

Above mentioned are the 3 biggest changes that's enough to culture shocked me. At least for the moment i still find it quite challenging. Haha..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hacker Spoilt Everything

Read about the news that Asiasoft's servers were hacked into? It's in today's Straits Times.

The news said that lotsa gamers are furious with the company on inadequate security and the company has not mentioned about restoring the victims' accounts to the original state to date. I believe their main customers are working adults and professionals. One of my game buddies ever mentioned that the game to him is an investment. I've also came across a gamer whose grandpa play for him when he goes to school, and at time his mum and dad will also play for him. (Play as in training, to level up the character)

The paper also mentioned that some gamers had spent around $10k in the game while some has been playing since 8 years ago and is still active! If you are not aware, it is actually a FREE online game, but many just can't resist the fancy clothing, accessories, and attractive packages that are OPTIONAL.

I guess it's not all about money, it's the time, the energy and the effort people put in over the years to build up the characters. I'm glad that I've given up on the game a year ago, else I will definitely feel heart broken.

Some sweet sweet memories to share -
"The Rememberance of My Little Mapler & Buddies"

Note : 'Baby D' is my mapler's little kitty pet.

There are some info about the hack incident on the web :

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mooncake Feast

This is the first time I had Mooncake Celebration with colleagues at the work place. Office has been decorated with lanterns, and mooncake were served almost once every two days since 2 weeks ago.

We were trying to recall the tale of the Mooncake while enjoying our food. All seems to have forgotten about the origin and started mix matching the leads in the tales with other tales. Haha.. quite funny.

Monday, September 8, 2008


These are my collections of A-Cash card.

Nice hor.. but very expensive lo..

Aiya.. don't say liao la..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello Kitty @ Chinese Garden

My first time to Chinese Garden, very unforgettable one indeed.

It's a long journey to the garden, parked our car $3 and redeemed for a free Hello Kitty lantern, haven't had one for a very long time, very cute lantern, will show you on the actual day.

The garden is big and flooded with lotsa Hello Kitty & Friends. We didn't managed to tour the whole garden because it rain half way through.

Other then lanterns, there are also many other activities in the garden. (as below)

Then it rained, we were trapped at the pavilion for 45 minutes, and it's still raining, no choice we have to go or camp there, we reached the car 70% drenched. The journey home was far, cold and hungry, so we decided to have supper before heading home.
What a night.

(Credits : Thanks to Dean for the Lion Dance & Darl for the Ripple, I therefore dedicated this to you guys, your favourite, black black one.. dunno is what.. lol..)
~@~ With Thanks from Follie Mollie ~@~

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Quarrel Use

Happen to find this in the storage room, I took it out and hang at the door knob.

Darl asked “你挡住门不让我出去啊?”
I said “不是啦。 是留言用的啦。”
Darl said “哈?吵架的时候用的啊?”

I was thinking, usually we leave & return home at different timing, so this allow us to leave message especially reminder or something.. The door knob seems to be the most ideal place coz it's where we pass through everyday and definitely won't miss, who knows he'd says it's for quarrel use.. zzz.. 哈哈.. quarrel I no use for message liao lo.. I use to throw.. 哈哈..

Friday, September 5, 2008

Scott Kelby

Just shared some of the photo editing tips with Dean over the MSN. He is a fast learner with adequate knowledge in computer and photography, also used to be in the printing line, therefore is actually quite knowledgeable in some areas.

There are actually a lotsa reading materials in the library and on the web, all are available foc. After reading through so many of the reference books, I find that Scott Kelby has the best of all. His guides are clear and concise, easily understood and very interesting too.. he is quite a humorous guy and I even read the preface! And of course, I also have a mini collections of his books. (most are his)
I've never attended any courses. I believe passion is all you need, and of coz, time.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Attended a DND at Shangri-La. Only took a few photos with handphone, coz the camera was bought only one day after.

The event wasn't very organised. It's draggy and ended quite late, boring programmes with not so tasty food. Everyone stayed on just for the lucky draws.

I wore Cheongsam, they said the print of my dress matches the print on the plate, both are 'gold plated' haha.. what do you think?

Oh no.. undercover exposed!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Day of Comex - Aug 08

I bought a digicam for my dad, Darl bought an external hard disk and some RAMs for my pc (hee hee). Dean did not buy anything, actually he wanted to go Vivo but I persuaded him to come along. lolz..

This kinda event always attract large crowd because of the discount, freebies and lucky draw. Camera is all I bought but i go home with all these, two 4GB card and the kit bag with stuffs. (as per photo). Not bad, but it will be good if they give an extra battery instead. Darl won a laptop carrier from the lucky draw, he has been shopping for one, how lucky. =D

After that we had our dinner at Shokudo, Raffles City. (Marche concept eateries)