Monday, August 18, 2008


As I passed through the screening at the airport, I was halted by a lady officer. She stared at her computer screen, then my bag, then the screen again. She pointed at my bag and says, "Open".

I unzipped my bag, and she started searching for something, then she took out a transparent PVC pouch, pointing at the round round thing inside, apparently it's eye shadow even if you don't know it's Bobbi Brown's eye shadow (powder form). She says "Take out". Then i told her,"Ma'am, it's eye shadow." She brought it closer to her eyes and somewhat convinced. Then she noticed a little transparent bottle in the transparent PVC pouch, she bring it closer to her eyes, before she asked anything, i says "That is perfume". She says,"Take out", we felt a sense of achievement in her tone.

I took out the mini sample and pass it to her, only very little left, maybe 1ml. She take out a transparent pvc bag, bigger than my pvc pouch and put the mini sample into the bag and return it to me. My bag not transparent meh? If you say my bag got logo, your bag also got logo wat.. zzzz.. really L**L (refer to FAQ link below, Question No.13)

Then she tried searching again briefly and asked me, "Anymore?" I said,"No more". And she returned to her computer and continue her screening as the queue has piled up.

Just wondering how many people actually work with brain. Some people may be spending their whole life doing the same thing over and over again, but never understand the rational behind it.

An FAQ found on the website for your reading pleasure if you are interested to know more about the "100ml onboard" regulation.

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