Sunday, August 10, 2008

Black Out & Huge Jam

This was how i was welcomed by my hometown yesterday..

First, the delayed flight. Then, the black out.

We were getting ready for dinner and there was a sudden black out. As we drove along the road we realised that it affect not only a small residential area but almost the whole town.

Due to the power failure, all the traffic lights were not functioning, causing a huge jam. We were stuck in the jam and the building surrounding us started to dissappear into the dark, very soon nothing was visible except the car lights.

Have you watched "The mist"? Ya.. something quite similar just different settings.

When we were finally out of the jam and decided to turn back home for instant noodle, we spotted this eatery that serves 'candle light' dinner. We quickily pull over and ordered anything that's ready to be served. It was so 'romantic' that we can't quite see what we were eating, you just have to taste it out using your tougue. Hope no special ingredient were added.

On our way back home, one traffic police was seen on duty at the junction, but without proper attire and equipment, I'm just worrying about his safety as we couldn't really see him. Anyway one is better than none, they don't seems to be quite prepared for this. Come to think about it, quite worrying right?

This morning the paper says the black out affects the whole city and quite a number of small towns at the outskirt.. There are also two cases of fire incident and the rescue wasn't quite smooth as the fire engine were delayed by the huge jam. Reason for all the above were still unknown. Citizen were still in the dark of the cause.

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