Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Terrorism not Terrorist

My parents have enrolled themselves for a Silk Road tour, but the 2 commotions that happened around that region within this month worried us. The 2 immediate concerns that come to mind are :

1. Will it happen again anytime soon? Of course no one can foretell like the Minority Report, else, it wouldn't even had a chance to happen at all.

2. What kinda precaution does the travel agency has in place.

We contacted the travel agencies for advice, out of the 5 contacted, 4 assured that everything is fine. They also mentioned that there is nothing to worry about since the bombing took place 700km away from the attractions that they will be visiting, therefore the tour is still on. Only one agency cancelled the tour, with the reason that they do not have sufficient head count to form the tour.

One of the questions raised to the travel agent was on the subject of compensation. Should a commotion happened during the trip that caused cancellation of sight visits, early return or extra stay in the country, what are the terms and conditions that we need to take note. One of the travel agents answered this,"That's why you all were told to buy travel insurance".

Based on my knowledge, majority of insurance policies will not cover riot, commotion, not to mention the acts of terrorism. To my surprise, the travel agent says this,"No no no.. you people get it all wrong. Insurance does not cover 'terrorist', but 'terrorism'!"

She added,"That's why we shouldn't be part of the terrorist, as long as you do not participate in it, the insurance company will cover you!".

Hahaha.. I do not know if i should thank her for her advice.

Was wondering if i should sum this up saying - the moral of the story is, do not participate in the act of terrorism, else you won't be covered by insurance.

(Note: Always double check the T&C attached to your policy, and double confirm with your insurance agent if in doubt.)

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