Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Congee Vs Porridge

Suddenly feel like eating porridge, because I fall sick - sore throat and cough. >.<

But there is no porridge nearby so i could only get congee. I asked the uncle to add more water so easier to eat. I preferred porridge to congee because porridge is plain and watery, whereas congee is flavoured and thicker. In fact, porridge with pickled tofu (腐乳) alone can already made my day!

Last time whenever we chiong level till late (gaming i mean), Dean will bring us to the Oasis Taiwanese Porridge Restaurant (好景楼)at the Kallang Stadium for supper. But they had moved due to the torn down of the building to build bigger stadium. I haven't patronize them since as what i missed is actually the place, not the food.

Talking about food, the Alisan Teochew Porridge along Upper Serangoon Road is actually not bad. Though the foods are pre-cooked, they are served warm and the price is reasonable. If you feel like having something light, the place is easily accessible, and it opens till late too.

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