Thursday, August 14, 2008


Whenever i'm back home i'll take out my dad's ka-chang to play. He picks up this hobby few years back. According to my mum, she is actually the one who joined Tai-chi first, and because my dad ferries her to and fro every evening, she suggested that maybe he could join too so as to cut down unnecessary trips.

Since then my dad becomes quite enthusiastic about it and started collecting ka-chang for his practice needs. He has also participated in some performance and competition. As for my mum, she takes up Tai-chi more for leisure and social, whenever i'm back home, she will skip classes to spend time with me. =P

Come to think about it, very often i skip gym session for no reason, feel quite bad about it. From now on, i think will have to set a goal to go to the gym and be as determined as my dad!

Btw, i just realise that most of these weapons are seen in some games.. mm.. i guess my dad must be a warrior..

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