Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Share Mum Mum ~

This morning my colleague passby my desk and asked if i have had my breakfast, I told her yes, and she asked again, "are you sure you are full?" I said yes, she looked a bit disappointed and left.

Awhile later, she appeared with a bag of mini buns, around 6 or 7 of them, some are yellow, some are brown. I pointed at the brown colour bun,"Is that Cinnanmon or red bean?" She says, that's chocolate, and happily took out one from the bag and give it to me. It is very soft and nice!

I reached home, Darl saw the pic when i was unloading it, he asked,"eee...what's that?" I said,"Mini bun lai de, my colleague give me one". Then he teased me,"Why I don't have?" I answered him "I say MINI bun ma.. so it's in my stomach liao"

Actually hor, whenever he got nice food, he will bring them back and share with me, even if he only got one. There was once, his colleague gave him a small piece of hometown delicacy, a piece of either chocolate or biscuit from India, he wrapped it in tissue paper and brought it back to share with me. But when he reached home and take out from his pocket, the whole thing already melted or smashed, can't quite remember what happen to it already. Haha.. This is one thing very cute about Darl.. haha.. =D By the way, I also want to thank my colleague who share the mini bun with me.. she is also very cute.. =D

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