Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sarawak's Local Delicacy

Other than the kolomee & laksa, here are some other food that I find unique in Sarawak.

醩菜米粉 - My mum's favourite. It is quite appetizing as the soup is a bit sourish with a strong taste of wine.

鼎边糊 - The soup is very tasty because of the rich ingredients - minced pork, enoki mushroom (金针菇), black fungus, and cuttlefish. Vinegar and pepper are added for better taste. (See Close up >>)

牛肉面 - This is what we call dry beef noodle in Sarawak. Dry means like this, with a bit of sauce that sipped to the bottom. Unlike those found in Singapore, when you say dry, you later find your noodle sinked in a pool of mud, they are very generous in their gravy, but i don't know how to appreciate that (See small pic >>). By the way, don't forget the dark colour soup that comes with the noodle, it has a bit of the 五香粉 smell and is very very nice.

面粉粿 - My sis ordered this dry version of 'Mee Hoon Kway' that I have not seen before, there is an egg in the soup. I'm not sure if I like this one, but I like the Singapore soup version.

雷茶 - A type of vege-rich Hakka food with rice beneath. The soup made of some grounded bitter leaves make it taste bitter. Non-bitter soup is also available in case you are not too ready for it. You may eat the vege dry or pour the soup into it and eat together. It is often served with peanuts - complimentary. (Maybe to cheer you up after the bitterness. Haha Kidding.)

'Bilin' - A local vege grow in the wild. Often cooked with belacan, ginger or a bit of wine, coz it's quite cooling. There is another type of wild vege called 'Paku', with leaves curved up at the end like Bilin, but it's more slimy. I'll take picture of that to show you next time.

'Mani Chye' - A local vege often prepared with egg. Darl's favourite.

'Kacama' - My favourite! The chicken are cooked with wine and a type of dry leaves. It's a common confinement food in Sarawak. Not on confinement also can eat, you may add wine at your preference.

This is my top favourite! 'Chicken Soup Mee Sua' by my mummy! Add wine to taste.

Wah.. after writing all these, I'm now very hungry. Brb..

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  1. Yummi Yummy Yumme...

    My impression of Mani chye - [The 'output' of Mani Chye is the same as what you'd 'input'], so Mani Chye IS Mani Chye. 勁!!!

    If u know some nice foods in Kch and would like to Map it. Please do it here
    I'll email you my Map. Thanks