Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Reply For More Than a Year - Need Reminder From Your Customer?

As a TM Net customer for more than 10 years, we have never doubted their efficiency until last year. I mean.. come on' what do you want me to say..

They have a change in their billing system and started to issue a more detailed statement. That was when we realised that all these while we are paying our bill plus someone else's bill. How shocking! For 10 years?!

We contacted TM Net immediately to enquire and they say they need time to investigate. For formality, they wrote us a letter (If i'm not wrong my dad requested for a black and white), anyway, the letter is about requesting for more time to conduct a throughout investigation, and about thanking us for our feedback, patience, understanding etc all those crap. Another thing is that the matter was treated as "Fraud" by them, as per the subject in their letter. Well, whether it's a fraud or service lapse, you can have the time to check.

The investigation must have been very throughout, up to today, for more than a year already and we have yet to receive a reply from them. We tried calling them and even made numerous trip to TM branches, but were told that they are not in charge and we should be contacting the KL people instead.

Within the past one year, the statement shows 2 account numbers with breakdown. The other account's usage and charges was always 6 to 8 times higher than mine. Though we were told to hold back on payment since we raised the matter, what about those 10 years of charges?

I have just given them a gentle reminder to reply to my query raised more than a year ago. Let's hope that they do not disappoint me again.

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  1. They replied on 1 Nov 08, with no answer yet.