Friday, August 15, 2008

Mini NDP @ Home

Have you ever seen this kinda badminton racket? Lightning brand and made in China. Not for Olympic use, but for BBQ - It's quite fun to play with.

Everytime when we are having dinner half way, there will be performance like what you've seen on NDP - the fighter jet 'almost head collision stun'. My dad always say that the houseflies are such ignorant pest, a pinch of food would be sufficient for their whole week supply, and there are so much 'food' out there at the dustbin but they die die want to disturb us. Since they are so persistent, we are not going to give in either. So my dad and I will start to play badminton when the jet performance starts, my dad always win the match!

Why i say it's for BBQ - when the flies fall onto the racket, there will be sparks like fire crackers, follow by burning smell, except that there's no smoke. And this usually marks the end of the NDP performance.

If you haven't had enough, you can practice it on mozzie too. Mozzie also known as mosquito, they usually petrol in troops (the local breed does). So if you met them, you could probably have a grand firework. Haha!

The one on the right shows the conventional version, which is said to be better than the electronic one in some way bcoz it's not as heavy and can swing from left to right in faster speed, so it has higher DEX* therefore higher ACC*, though the STR* is not as great but the WA* is not too bad. However, it has been faced off and hardly seen in market now.

* Gaming Jargon.. lolz!
DEX = Dexterity
ACC = Accuracy
STR = Strength
WA = Weapon Attack Rate

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