Saturday, August 16, 2008

Old Story Books

I came across some of my childhood stuffs on my trip back home this time round, i didn't even know they are still around after such donkey years. Most of the things are shared between sis and myself. We shared almost everything since young - clothing, accessories, storybooks, toys etc. At times we exchange our stuff such as school bag, pencil case etc, so we can have more variaties.. It's really a blessing to have sibling of same gender!

I found dozen of story books in one of the drawers, they have colourful pictures and cute characters which are eye catchy for kids. The book with a little lamb on it's cover is one of my favourite. The lamb has a baby face with big eyes and i always associate it with my sis - a Libra borned in the year of goat, very gentle, kind hearted and as meek as a little lamb. I am totally opposite, you can ask Darl and he will tell you he can't agree more. Therefore I always feel the responsibility to protect my sis from bullies in school, and I've gain myself a reputation because of that.. hahaha!

Here is another story book about the ants. Ant ranks second after 小强 in my hate list, since young I have had a certain degree of fear for this tiny living thing, always wonder how an ant so tiny can walk around and carry things from one corner to the other.. And those days when i stayed at my grandpa's house, before the raining days, the sight of ants moving house is unspeakable horrifying. However, in this book, the ants look so cute. That's the writer's intention, to human-ise all things, animal, insect or even non-living thing into something cute for the kids' eyes. Have you ever watch Sponge Bob? It's but a piece of sponge, but it has it's family and friends and can talk, kids find it so amusing.. Actually i think it's very ugly.. haha..

So these are the books that we used to read over and over again. Guess kids nowadays read CD more than story books. Time has changed.

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