Monday, August 25, 2008

How Much is Enough?

PM Lee recently announced the enhancements to Maternity Leave as part of the Marriage and Parenthood package. Not only will you get a 4-months maternity leave, childcare leave and baby bonus have also been increased. Besides, laws protecting working pregnant women have also been enforced.

Friends from hometown have been SMS-ing to confirm if it is rumour or truth, they are so envious about this. However, the readers comments on the papers showed that apparently some Singaporeans are not quite happy about it.

There are comments from the employers about operations and productivity issues due to the long maternity leave. There are also comments from the fathers saying that the government had overlooked the paternity leave. And what do you think the mother says? One female reader actually commented that she is very disappointed with the news, she says the Maternity Leave should be extended to one year!

So how much is enough? People are never satisfied.

A link to mom > Maternity Leave, in case you wish to know more :

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