Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gourmet Corner - Duck Rice

Darl will be exceptionally happy when it's my working Saturday, #*$@%&*#.. And he will make a trip down to pick me off work.. then to eat his favourite duck drumstick rice. Must highlight, coz no drumstick he no eat.

This shop along Phillip Street serves the best duck rice. They also have roasted pork, char siew and roasted chicken. Not only are the main dishes nice, the soup is also nice that one of my colleagues will make sure they still have soup before he placed his order. As for another colleague, she seems to have a liking for their chilli sauce, and they always give her a bowl so she doesn't have to refill for many rounds. Haha..

And one thing i must mention is that the people there are also nice and friendly. There was once when we had lunch there, my colleague accidentally slipped her hands and the food tray fell .. Oh Ou.. (dare not see). We were so awkward and didn't know what to do, they quickily prepared another set for us, and told us not to worry and they will clean it up, and they didn't want to accept the payment for the replacement! Can you imagine if this were to happen at any other shops? I believe first of all you will get a good stare from the shop owner, not to talk about the replacement.

We have brought many friends to the shop and they all enjoy the food, we also bumped into the Amazing Race champion several times, and I believe they have what it takes that make them people's favourite!

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