Thursday, August 28, 2008


Tomorrow will be my last day in my department. Many of them, who joined not too long asked me how long have I been working here, "6 years" I said, and their jaws dropped. Ya, it's not easy, especially the team that shields the organisation, every day is like a battle. And all I have to say is, this is the place where i learnt about human nature, and the ugly side.

I got this from my fellow colleagues. Wheee.. it's Coach. Nice right? I think I'm going to get a bag to match it, Oops.. what an excuse.. lolz..

Also a SK pendant from my 3 lovely lunch kaki.

"I hate you" they said with pouted mouths when they handed the present to me. I know you hate me for leaving you guys, but please believe that I will miss you all too! =(

I'm so touched by every single word in this giant card, you will never know how it feels until you read one, that's meant for yourself. Thanks to all of them.

I was so overwhelmed and do not know what to get for them, I know they like to eat, coz pantry's food always run out very fast. I think I queued for like 30 minutes, and the staff keeps telling me not sure if they have enough, and I looked behind me, there are at least 10 more in the queue. They must have hated me for buying almost the whole shop, haha.. and then I realise, they are on offer if you use certain credit card, no wonder. But too bad I don't have that card, anyway, I'm now their member, so doesn't matter anymore.

So I'm out of this department, where m I heading to? To be continued..
(coz i wan to sleep liao la..)

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