Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is what i had for lunch today, in fact this is also what i had for lunch yesterday. What is so special about it? I can't deny that the food actually looked quite dull and uninteresting, if my colleague hadn't recommended it, we would have probably missed it among the selections.

The not so eye-catchy Pork Chop Rice consist of - pork chop and the rice of coz, vege of your choice (I choose cabbage), 'tao pok' (yesterday they gave 'ngo hiang'), egg and a pinch of sambal chilli. It is sold at a very affordable price of $2.50 with the portion just nice for the ladies.

The rice is warm at the point served, I am always very very particular about the rice, if the rice is too hard, too dry or cold, to me that just spoilt everything no matter how sumptuous the dishes are. The pork is thinly sliced and it's very crispy. The cabbage looks very dull but it is actually very nice, i dunno how to describe, it just doesn't taste how it looks. The sambal chilli is also good.

Noticed the curry gravy beneath the egg? My colleague ordered Curry Rice and I asked the hawker if it's spicy, he added some to my dish for me to try out. And when I was eating half way, the hawker pop by asking if I'm ok with the spiciness, he says if it's too spicy for me he will give me a bowl of soup.

Do you know what is the name of this stall? It's call 'DIFFERENT' (不一样). I would have to say that they are really different from others, it's hard to expect good services, especially at hawker centre, and they are making a difference. At times, it is not about how nice the food is that pleased you, it's about the sincerity and good service that make your day. Yo!!

Let's hope that they will maintain the standard.

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