Thursday, August 14, 2008

Broadband, so what?!

Hi Dean,

Sorry, was dc-ed and not able to log in to Msn after that. Usually I'm able to log in after like less than 10 tries, and that's considered normal I think, I'm not sure, just keep trying.

Actually I am having difficulties accessing almost every website though I'm using broadband here. Page loading half way turned to "Page cannot be displayed, most likely you are not connected to the internet", and next moment, a small box pop up saying,"You are now connected ..." wth!!

Even the following 2 pics, both added up not more than 200kb, also took me 8 attempts before I could post them up successfully. I thought what could have went wrong so I checked with my friends, they say this is quite common, the network could gone missing for two months and then back again without explanation, and you are still paying.

Those who bothers to check with the service provider often ended up more disappointed and frustrated. They would usually get a very standard reply - 'I don't know'. Wow, how great effort to maintain such consistency!

Luckily I no longer game, imagine that it dc every 15 minutes like tv commercial, and you know my temper, I would have spoilt more keyboards than you did. =P

I'm beginning to understand why my sis says it is not necessary to get a good computer, no point. Broadband or no broadband, it does not seems to make a difference here, so why pay more?

I'm voicing out on behalf of all those strangled here! It's just so unfair, so frustrating!!!!!

Opss... sorry Dean.. I got too carried away... guess you will never know how life is like here...

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