Friday, August 22, 2008

Chilli Kor Kor

Today i lunch with kor kor.

Want to lunch with him hor, not so easy one. Must make appointment first, best is to book one day in advance, also not too early, coz later he will forget, and lately his handphone a bit shot shot he says, Darl guess maybe becoz iPhone is out, that's why.

When you book him hor, he will say, "wait, i check with my secretary first." Until he replies, "Ok tomorrow ON", then i have to settle my part, that is to change my lunch time. Due to operation needs, my office have 4 lunch slots, range from 11.30am to 2.30pm, all last for 1 hour. I am on the 2.30pm slot almost permanently, but if i were to lunch with him, i'll have to change to the earliest slot, so my kor kor won't faint.

Then hor, this morning he dunno blow what wind, drop me a message asking 'how are you?'. Then I think, must be last night he said i disturb him then say pop wrong window make me angry, then today ping ping to see if i forget already or not. Then I remind him of the 11.30am lunch, he says"I hungry liao". I was like zzz.. now only 10.30am le.. "You drink milo first can or not, wait one more hour la". Then I think, must be want to fly me aeroplane again.. test water test water like that.

Then finally one hour passed, when he called me i am already on the way and almost reaching his office, lucky ar! If i say 'still in office', he sure make the snoring sound, confirm one. Usually I very dilly dally one, then Darl will say, 'later your kor kor scold, you go and explain hor'. But he very easy to settle one, you give him a packet of soya milk he will forget other thing liao.

After talking so long, now come the main dish, actually i just want to show you what we had for lunch. Notice the difference in our plates? Other than the different way the egg was prepared, the more significant sight is the sambal chilli. You bet, he finished every bit of it, without water. Sometimes hor, he still want to steal people one. I brought along a soya milk for him, but he says want to leave it for tea break. Like that also can.

After these 2 weeks, i'll move to another office, then cannot lunch with my Kor Kor liao..=(

By then i guess i will miss everything here in Raffles Place, especially the varieties of food.

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