Sunday, August 31, 2008

Comex - Aug 08

Went Comex today, it's so crowded, really can faint.

Parking is a headache, driving and walking around also traffic jam.

There is at least one IT / PC related show every quarter, this time round, the Comex occupied 4 storeys of Suntec Convention Hall - level 2, 3,4 & 6.

Show you the jam first, tomorrow then show you what i buy, coz want to sleep liao

Good nite.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Switzerland vs. New Zealand

Just met Muso online. He is currently in Zurich for a business trip, and their client showed them around the town in helicopter! Awesome!

Think back, Darl and I were there 5 years ago. One of our friends warned that should we go Switzerland, please leave the boring Bern out, with that in mind, we have chosen Zurich.

My impression of the town - clean, neat, orderly and peaceful. However, I think it's a bit too quiet.

I already feel that New Zealand is very quiet, now i found Switzerland tops the chart. Haha.. Darl is going to repeat my "Only 2 rows of shop story" again everytime i mentioned NZ. He was under the impression that the town i stayed has only 2 rows of shophouses because i always said so, until he visited me in Dunedin then he says i'm exaggerating.. Haha..

NZ is undeniably quiet, but there are much more things to do and to see there, therefore i find it more competitive, I'd love to visit NZ again one day.

Anyway, can't wait to see Muso's photos, maybe he will change my view about Switzerland?

(Above photos taken in Zurich, sorry no photos on NZ, coz that was ancient time no digital camera yet.. lolz)

Gourmet Corner - Duck Rice

Darl will be exceptionally happy when it's my working Saturday, #*$@%&*#.. And he will make a trip down to pick me off work.. then to eat his favourite duck drumstick rice. Must highlight, coz no drumstick he no eat.

This shop along Phillip Street serves the best duck rice. They also have roasted pork, char siew and roasted chicken. Not only are the main dishes nice, the soup is also nice that one of my colleagues will make sure they still have soup before he placed his order. As for another colleague, she seems to have a liking for their chilli sauce, and they always give her a bowl so she doesn't have to refill for many rounds. Haha..

And one thing i must mention is that the people there are also nice and friendly. There was once when we had lunch there, my colleague accidentally slipped her hands and the food tray fell .. Oh Ou.. (dare not see). We were so awkward and didn't know what to do, they quickily prepared another set for us, and told us not to worry and they will clean it up, and they didn't want to accept the payment for the replacement! Can you imagine if this were to happen at any other shops? I believe first of all you will get a good stare from the shop owner, not to talk about the replacement.

We have brought many friends to the shop and they all enjoy the food, we also bumped into the Amazing Race champion several times, and I believe they have what it takes that make them people's favourite!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fever Monitor

Remember last night i say fever 37.36 ?

Darl only allows 1 panadol when i asked for 2.
I very stubborn, but he is more persistent! Buay tahan..
I very angry, so i say "You monitor my temperature ok? If fever no subside you wake me up for another panadol ok? your job hor."

He says okie.

Then last night he woke up 3 times to feel my forehead..
kekeke.. must be very stress..

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Tomorrow will be my last day in my department. Many of them, who joined not too long asked me how long have I been working here, "6 years" I said, and their jaws dropped. Ya, it's not easy, especially the team that shields the organisation, every day is like a battle. And all I have to say is, this is the place where i learnt about human nature, and the ugly side.

I got this from my fellow colleagues. Wheee.. it's Coach. Nice right? I think I'm going to get a bag to match it, Oops.. what an excuse.. lolz..

Also a SK pendant from my 3 lovely lunch kaki.

"I hate you" they said with pouted mouths when they handed the present to me. I know you hate me for leaving you guys, but please believe that I will miss you all too! =(

I'm so touched by every single word in this giant card, you will never know how it feels until you read one, that's meant for yourself. Thanks to all of them.

I was so overwhelmed and do not know what to get for them, I know they like to eat, coz pantry's food always run out very fast. I think I queued for like 30 minutes, and the staff keeps telling me not sure if they have enough, and I looked behind me, there are at least 10 more in the queue. They must have hated me for buying almost the whole shop, haha.. and then I realise, they are on offer if you use certain credit card, no wonder. But too bad I don't have that card, anyway, I'm now their member, so doesn't matter anymore.

So I'm out of this department, where m I heading to? To be continued..
(coz i wan to sleep liao la..)


This morning my kor asked if i was busy last night, i say "You look for me? No le.." He says coz today he got nothing new to read.. haha.. coz i was busy fixing the shoutbox and counter to my blog, that's why..

Tonight still a bit fever 37.36

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Congee Vs Porridge

Suddenly feel like eating porridge, because I fall sick - sore throat and cough. >.<

But there is no porridge nearby so i could only get congee. I asked the uncle to add more water so easier to eat. I preferred porridge to congee because porridge is plain and watery, whereas congee is flavoured and thicker. In fact, porridge with pickled tofu (腐乳) alone can already made my day!

Last time whenever we chiong level till late (gaming i mean), Dean will bring us to the Oasis Taiwanese Porridge Restaurant (好景楼)at the Kallang Stadium for supper. But they had moved due to the torn down of the building to build bigger stadium. I haven't patronize them since as what i missed is actually the place, not the food.

Talking about food, the Alisan Teochew Porridge along Upper Serangoon Road is actually not bad. Though the foods are pre-cooked, they are served warm and the price is reasonable. If you feel like having something light, the place is easily accessible, and it opens till late too.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beef Tendon & Curry Beef

Today I lunch with my kor kor again. Give him a packet of soya milk but he complained the plastic bag very oh-piang.. like that also can.. zzz..

Anyway, we have nice food today - beef tendon and curry beef! And obviously curry is his.

My colleague complains already, so tomorrow I'll have to lunch with her liao.. =P

How Much is Enough?

PM Lee recently announced the enhancements to Maternity Leave as part of the Marriage and Parenthood package. Not only will you get a 4-months maternity leave, childcare leave and baby bonus have also been increased. Besides, laws protecting working pregnant women have also been enforced.

Friends from hometown have been SMS-ing to confirm if it is rumour or truth, they are so envious about this. However, the readers comments on the papers showed that apparently some Singaporeans are not quite happy about it.

There are comments from the employers about operations and productivity issues due to the long maternity leave. There are also comments from the fathers saying that the government had overlooked the paternity leave. And what do you think the mother says? One female reader actually commented that she is very disappointed with the news, she says the Maternity Leave should be extended to one year!

So how much is enough? People are never satisfied.

A link to mom > Maternity Leave, in case you wish to know more :

Sunday, August 24, 2008


妈妈很厉害,她可以把银的变成金的。 你看!!!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Simple Food for Tea Break

On the last day of my trip home, my sis and her bf brought me to eat fish ball noodle, but when we reached there, the whole eating place was closed. So we headed for 'Char Kway', unfortunely the stall is closed too, reason unknown. Quite common here I think, a small 'City', free and easy, people do whatever they like.

The 'Char Kway' stall is closed, but their neighbours are opened, so we ordered the following 3 items to settle our lunch. Haha! Very contented indeed.

Chewy bun with minced meat fillings


Red Bean Chendol with Milk

Sarawak's Local Delicacy

Other than the kolomee & laksa, here are some other food that I find unique in Sarawak.

醩菜米粉 - My mum's favourite. It is quite appetizing as the soup is a bit sourish with a strong taste of wine.

鼎边糊 - The soup is very tasty because of the rich ingredients - minced pork, enoki mushroom (金针菇), black fungus, and cuttlefish. Vinegar and pepper are added for better taste. (See Close up >>)

牛肉面 - This is what we call dry beef noodle in Sarawak. Dry means like this, with a bit of sauce that sipped to the bottom. Unlike those found in Singapore, when you say dry, you later find your noodle sinked in a pool of mud, they are very generous in their gravy, but i don't know how to appreciate that (See small pic >>). By the way, don't forget the dark colour soup that comes with the noodle, it has a bit of the 五香粉 smell and is very very nice.

面粉粿 - My sis ordered this dry version of 'Mee Hoon Kway' that I have not seen before, there is an egg in the soup. I'm not sure if I like this one, but I like the Singapore soup version.

雷茶 - A type of vege-rich Hakka food with rice beneath. The soup made of some grounded bitter leaves make it taste bitter. Non-bitter soup is also available in case you are not too ready for it. You may eat the vege dry or pour the soup into it and eat together. It is often served with peanuts - complimentary. (Maybe to cheer you up after the bitterness. Haha Kidding.)

'Bilin' - A local vege grow in the wild. Often cooked with belacan, ginger or a bit of wine, coz it's quite cooling. There is another type of wild vege called 'Paku', with leaves curved up at the end like Bilin, but it's more slimy. I'll take picture of that to show you next time.

'Mani Chye' - A local vege often prepared with egg. Darl's favourite.

'Kacama' - My favourite! The chicken are cooked with wine and a type of dry leaves. It's a common confinement food in Sarawak. Not on confinement also can eat, you may add wine at your preference.

This is my top favourite! 'Chicken Soup Mee Sua' by my mummy! Add wine to taste.

Wah.. after writing all these, I'm now very hungry. Brb..

Friday, August 22, 2008

Chilli Kor Kor

Today i lunch with kor kor.

Want to lunch with him hor, not so easy one. Must make appointment first, best is to book one day in advance, also not too early, coz later he will forget, and lately his handphone a bit shot shot he says, Darl guess maybe becoz iPhone is out, that's why.

When you book him hor, he will say, "wait, i check with my secretary first." Until he replies, "Ok tomorrow ON", then i have to settle my part, that is to change my lunch time. Due to operation needs, my office have 4 lunch slots, range from 11.30am to 2.30pm, all last for 1 hour. I am on the 2.30pm slot almost permanently, but if i were to lunch with him, i'll have to change to the earliest slot, so my kor kor won't faint.

Then hor, this morning he dunno blow what wind, drop me a message asking 'how are you?'. Then I think, must be last night he said i disturb him then say pop wrong window make me angry, then today ping ping to see if i forget already or not. Then I remind him of the 11.30am lunch, he says"I hungry liao". I was like zzz.. now only 10.30am le.. "You drink milo first can or not, wait one more hour la". Then I think, must be want to fly me aeroplane again.. test water test water like that.

Then finally one hour passed, when he called me i am already on the way and almost reaching his office, lucky ar! If i say 'still in office', he sure make the snoring sound, confirm one. Usually I very dilly dally one, then Darl will say, 'later your kor kor scold, you go and explain hor'. But he very easy to settle one, you give him a packet of soya milk he will forget other thing liao.

After talking so long, now come the main dish, actually i just want to show you what we had for lunch. Notice the difference in our plates? Other than the different way the egg was prepared, the more significant sight is the sambal chilli. You bet, he finished every bit of it, without water. Sometimes hor, he still want to steal people one. I brought along a soya milk for him, but he says want to leave it for tea break. Like that also can.

After these 2 weeks, i'll move to another office, then cannot lunch with my Kor Kor liao..=(

By then i guess i will miss everything here in Raffles Place, especially the varieties of food.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is what i had for lunch today, in fact this is also what i had for lunch yesterday. What is so special about it? I can't deny that the food actually looked quite dull and uninteresting, if my colleague hadn't recommended it, we would have probably missed it among the selections.

The not so eye-catchy Pork Chop Rice consist of - pork chop and the rice of coz, vege of your choice (I choose cabbage), 'tao pok' (yesterday they gave 'ngo hiang'), egg and a pinch of sambal chilli. It is sold at a very affordable price of $2.50 with the portion just nice for the ladies.

The rice is warm at the point served, I am always very very particular about the rice, if the rice is too hard, too dry or cold, to me that just spoilt everything no matter how sumptuous the dishes are. The pork is thinly sliced and it's very crispy. The cabbage looks very dull but it is actually very nice, i dunno how to describe, it just doesn't taste how it looks. The sambal chilli is also good.

Noticed the curry gravy beneath the egg? My colleague ordered Curry Rice and I asked the hawker if it's spicy, he added some to my dish for me to try out. And when I was eating half way, the hawker pop by asking if I'm ok with the spiciness, he says if it's too spicy for me he will give me a bowl of soup.

Do you know what is the name of this stall? It's call 'DIFFERENT' (不一样). I would have to say that they are really different from others, it's hard to expect good services, especially at hawker centre, and they are making a difference. At times, it is not about how nice the food is that pleased you, it's about the sincerity and good service that make your day. Yo!!

Let's hope that they will maintain the standard.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Share Mum Mum ~

This morning my colleague passby my desk and asked if i have had my breakfast, I told her yes, and she asked again, "are you sure you are full?" I said yes, she looked a bit disappointed and left.

Awhile later, she appeared with a bag of mini buns, around 6 or 7 of them, some are yellow, some are brown. I pointed at the brown colour bun,"Is that Cinnanmon or red bean?" She says, that's chocolate, and happily took out one from the bag and give it to me. It is very soft and nice!

I reached home, Darl saw the pic when i was unloading it, he asked,"eee...what's that?" I said,"Mini bun lai de, my colleague give me one". Then he teased me,"Why I don't have?" I answered him "I say MINI bun ma.. so it's in my stomach liao"

Actually hor, whenever he got nice food, he will bring them back and share with me, even if he only got one. There was once, his colleague gave him a small piece of hometown delicacy, a piece of either chocolate or biscuit from India, he wrapped it in tissue paper and brought it back to share with me. But when he reached home and take out from his pocket, the whole thing already melted or smashed, can't quite remember what happen to it already. Haha.. This is one thing very cute about Darl.. haha.. =D By the way, I also want to thank my colleague who share the mini bun with me.. she is also very cute.. =D

Monday, August 18, 2008


As I passed through the screening at the airport, I was halted by a lady officer. She stared at her computer screen, then my bag, then the screen again. She pointed at my bag and says, "Open".

I unzipped my bag, and she started searching for something, then she took out a transparent PVC pouch, pointing at the round round thing inside, apparently it's eye shadow even if you don't know it's Bobbi Brown's eye shadow (powder form). She says "Take out". Then i told her,"Ma'am, it's eye shadow." She brought it closer to her eyes and somewhat convinced. Then she noticed a little transparent bottle in the transparent PVC pouch, she bring it closer to her eyes, before she asked anything, i says "That is perfume". She says,"Take out", we felt a sense of achievement in her tone.

I took out the mini sample and pass it to her, only very little left, maybe 1ml. She take out a transparent pvc bag, bigger than my pvc pouch and put the mini sample into the bag and return it to me. My bag not transparent meh? If you say my bag got logo, your bag also got logo wat.. zzzz.. really L**L (refer to FAQ link below, Question No.13)

Then she tried searching again briefly and asked me, "Anymore?" I said,"No more". And she returned to her computer and continue her screening as the queue has piled up.

Just wondering how many people actually work with brain. Some people may be spending their whole life doing the same thing over and over again, but never understand the rational behind it.

An FAQ found on the website for your reading pleasure if you are interested to know more about the "100ml onboard" regulation.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Old Story Books

I came across some of my childhood stuffs on my trip back home this time round, i didn't even know they are still around after such donkey years. Most of the things are shared between sis and myself. We shared almost everything since young - clothing, accessories, storybooks, toys etc. At times we exchange our stuff such as school bag, pencil case etc, so we can have more variaties.. It's really a blessing to have sibling of same gender!

I found dozen of story books in one of the drawers, they have colourful pictures and cute characters which are eye catchy for kids. The book with a little lamb on it's cover is one of my favourite. The lamb has a baby face with big eyes and i always associate it with my sis - a Libra borned in the year of goat, very gentle, kind hearted and as meek as a little lamb. I am totally opposite, you can ask Darl and he will tell you he can't agree more. Therefore I always feel the responsibility to protect my sis from bullies in school, and I've gain myself a reputation because of that.. hahaha!

Here is another story book about the ants. Ant ranks second after 小强 in my hate list, since young I have had a certain degree of fear for this tiny living thing, always wonder how an ant so tiny can walk around and carry things from one corner to the other.. And those days when i stayed at my grandpa's house, before the raining days, the sight of ants moving house is unspeakable horrifying. However, in this book, the ants look so cute. That's the writer's intention, to human-ise all things, animal, insect or even non-living thing into something cute for the kids' eyes. Have you ever watch Sponge Bob? It's but a piece of sponge, but it has it's family and friends and can talk, kids find it so amusing.. Actually i think it's very ugly.. haha..

So these are the books that we used to read over and over again. Guess kids nowadays read CD more than story books. Time has changed.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mini NDP @ Home

Have you ever seen this kinda badminton racket? Lightning brand and made in China. Not for Olympic use, but for BBQ - It's quite fun to play with.

Everytime when we are having dinner half way, there will be performance like what you've seen on NDP - the fighter jet 'almost head collision stun'. My dad always say that the houseflies are such ignorant pest, a pinch of food would be sufficient for their whole week supply, and there are so much 'food' out there at the dustbin but they die die want to disturb us. Since they are so persistent, we are not going to give in either. So my dad and I will start to play badminton when the jet performance starts, my dad always win the match!

Why i say it's for BBQ - when the flies fall onto the racket, there will be sparks like fire crackers, follow by burning smell, except that there's no smoke. And this usually marks the end of the NDP performance.

If you haven't had enough, you can practice it on mozzie too. Mozzie also known as mosquito, they usually petrol in troops (the local breed does). So if you met them, you could probably have a grand firework. Haha!

The one on the right shows the conventional version, which is said to be better than the electronic one in some way bcoz it's not as heavy and can swing from left to right in faster speed, so it has higher DEX* therefore higher ACC*, though the STR* is not as great but the WA* is not too bad. However, it has been faced off and hardly seen in market now.

* Gaming Jargon.. lolz!
DEX = Dexterity
ACC = Accuracy
STR = Strength
WA = Weapon Attack Rate

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Whenever i'm back home i'll take out my dad's ka-chang to play. He picks up this hobby few years back. According to my mum, she is actually the one who joined Tai-chi first, and because my dad ferries her to and fro every evening, she suggested that maybe he could join too so as to cut down unnecessary trips.

Since then my dad becomes quite enthusiastic about it and started collecting ka-chang for his practice needs. He has also participated in some performance and competition. As for my mum, she takes up Tai-chi more for leisure and social, whenever i'm back home, she will skip classes to spend time with me. =P

Come to think about it, very often i skip gym session for no reason, feel quite bad about it. From now on, i think will have to set a goal to go to the gym and be as determined as my dad!

Btw, i just realise that most of these weapons are seen in some games.. mm.. i guess my dad must be a warrior..

No Reply For More Than a Year - Need Reminder From Your Customer?

As a TM Net customer for more than 10 years, we have never doubted their efficiency until last year. I mean.. come on' what do you want me to say..

They have a change in their billing system and started to issue a more detailed statement. That was when we realised that all these while we are paying our bill plus someone else's bill. How shocking! For 10 years?!

We contacted TM Net immediately to enquire and they say they need time to investigate. For formality, they wrote us a letter (If i'm not wrong my dad requested for a black and white), anyway, the letter is about requesting for more time to conduct a throughout investigation, and about thanking us for our feedback, patience, understanding etc all those crap. Another thing is that the matter was treated as "Fraud" by them, as per the subject in their letter. Well, whether it's a fraud or service lapse, you can have the time to check.

The investigation must have been very throughout, up to today, for more than a year already and we have yet to receive a reply from them. We tried calling them and even made numerous trip to TM branches, but were told that they are not in charge and we should be contacting the KL people instead.

Within the past one year, the statement shows 2 account numbers with breakdown. The other account's usage and charges was always 6 to 8 times higher than mine. Though we were told to hold back on payment since we raised the matter, what about those 10 years of charges?

I have just given them a gentle reminder to reply to my query raised more than a year ago. Let's hope that they do not disappoint me again.

Broadband, so what?!

Hi Dean,

Sorry, was dc-ed and not able to log in to Msn after that. Usually I'm able to log in after like less than 10 tries, and that's considered normal I think, I'm not sure, just keep trying.

Actually I am having difficulties accessing almost every website though I'm using broadband here. Page loading half way turned to "Page cannot be displayed, most likely you are not connected to the internet", and next moment, a small box pop up saying,"You are now connected ..." wth!!

Even the following 2 pics, both added up not more than 200kb, also took me 8 attempts before I could post them up successfully. I thought what could have went wrong so I checked with my friends, they say this is quite common, the network could gone missing for two months and then back again without explanation, and you are still paying.

Those who bothers to check with the service provider often ended up more disappointed and frustrated. They would usually get a very standard reply - 'I don't know'. Wow, how great effort to maintain such consistency!

Luckily I no longer game, imagine that it dc every 15 minutes like tv commercial, and you know my temper, I would have spoilt more keyboards than you did. =P

I'm beginning to understand why my sis says it is not necessary to get a good computer, no point. Broadband or no broadband, it does not seems to make a difference here, so why pay more?

I'm voicing out on behalf of all those strangled here! It's just so unfair, so frustrating!!!!!

Opss... sorry Dean.. I got too carried away... guess you will never know how life is like here...

Graphic Manual

I'm leaving my small potato camera with my parents as they will be traveling next week. So, I come out with a simple graphic manual to guide them how to operate the camera. Actually not so much on the operation, rather a checklist of the whole set of the 'ka-chang' and labelling of the functions, in case they appeared too small for them to see.

I'm having a difficult time labelling the manual, coz I can't remember most of the Chinese characters, and I mistakenly wrote Tripod as 'elephant leg'.. haha.. My dad sure faint when he reads it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today we had Kolomee for brunch.

(Conventional - with Char Siew)

(New Invention - with Fried Chicken)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


These are some of the plants at the backyard of my house..