Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Didn't take medicine, i wan to fight the pain without external help! The best medicine to sickness is rest, have a lotsa rest and don't think too much.. you'll get well soon..

I've had enough rest and I'm now bored. Since i quited the online games.. I become so free all of a sudden. Whenever i come home from work, there is no rush to on my pc anymore. I did not quit those online games intentionally, but somehow, i just logon lesser and lesser, until one day I almost forget my login password!

The game has lost it's charm to old gamers as there are no new quests and challenges being introduced, especially to cater to the pro. But surprisingly, some of my loyal buddies are still hooked on to the game after a good 2 years and are aiming to top the ranking list. I've spent like $1k+ throughout, think back, i should have used it on better stuff, food maybe. hahaha.. However, the hardcore gamers will use the word 'invest' instead of 'spend'. So obviously i'm not a smart investor, i haven't earn anything yet! haha.. But having said that, actually gains are not all the time tangible, it could be reputation, fame, the sense of achievement, fulfilment within self and friendships.

My properties are level 130 Dark Knight and level 110 Dual Blader. In fact I have dozens, but these two are my main and most chio-bu one.^^ Haha! And one of them has a level 160 pro-Bishop boyfriend! =D

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