Saturday, May 24, 2008


What to expect in Shanghai?

Staying at as high as 65th storey of the tallest hotel in the world, you'd probably seen everything from the sky already.. so let's zoom in to the food and see what they've got to offer.

A cook preparing Peking Duck. The food is quite nice except the settings. I've cropped the picture so you only see the best, haha!

I can't remember what ramen it is, the main ingredient is mushroom, and you have noodle, soup and oil. So perhaps, Mushroom Ramen.

Cold dish from one of the restaurant.

Asparagus fried with some kinda chewy shellfish. This restaurant does not have a proper printed menu. They have their menu presented in a very special way. Two long tables at the entrance of the restaurant, with the dishes displayed for you to place order (or to drive you off). The food displayed are raw, one example, uncooked prawn, liver, vege etc. placed in a pot = this is basically, steamboat. I think they are trying to tell you that what you see is what you'll get. It's for your imagination... Luckily the Asparagus turned up looking okie, what a relief...

Stinky Tofu (beancurd) -- From a stall by the road side at a temple, best food in Shanghai! Don't be cheated by the smell. You just can't have enough once you try it!

Last but not least, the dessert. I think dessert is pretty standard, as long as it comes at the right time, and is eye pleasing like this one, to make your full course meal complete. =D

The food in Shanghai is quite different compare to our local Chinese food, most of the meat has it's original smell and foods usually presented with a glossy look. I find it a bit oily, anyway, it gives the best effect for photography. Haha! And if you are really going to Shanghai, a piece of advice, look out for cars on the road, even with traffic lights or zebra crossing.

The Shanghai Bund.

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