Sunday, August 3, 2008

Singapore 43th NDP 2008

The weather is nice and the sky is clear, it is a perfect day for NDP, but it's only a rehearsal.

Suppose to have a dedicated floor at my office at Raffles Place to view firework, but we have decided to shot outdoor this year. We choose to land our butts at Padang, crowds gathered as early as 5pm, some came with friends, some with family, spouse kids.. sitting on the grass patch in small group, holding their camera waiting for the night fall.

There are also some graduates shooting their photos at the site too. I really miss my school days. =(

We managed to catch some clear shots of the fighter planes using a zoom lense. But when i saw them drawing a "V" i know what is coming, i was screaming Baby see Love! Love! change lense! Darl hurried for the normal lense and we managed to catch it before it fade away.

The performance is stunning and everyone claps their hands cheering for Singapore.

Darl did most of the shooting as I lie back to relax and counting the number of floors Maybank Tower has, haha. This year the tower was dolled up with lights and appeared to be the most stunning building in the CBD area. The tower also appeared on the cover of Sid Meier's Civilization IV together with many other countries' landmark.

There isn't much firework, maybe because this is only a rehearsal. I remembered last year we have very nice firework from other countries on the actual day and after.

The "smoke effect" after the fireworks. Last year's NDP, Dean's brother booked two rooms at Mandarin Hotel but we missed it. They have a perfect view high up there and were choked by the smoke at the balcony haha. This year couldn't join them as well as we will be out of town on NDP, so today is the last chance we had for the shot.

Took a picture of Swiss Hotel The Stamford behind us before we left Padang and call it a day.

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