Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sarawak Laksa

Due to the appearance of 小强 yesterday, we've decided to skip gym in order to clean our house upside down and inside out today! We are going to hunt down all the 小强 and their cucu-cicik!

Whatever it is, we gotta have our stomach filled first. Deon called in the morning says he feels like Sarawak Laksa today, yeah!! So we all gonna have Sarawak Laksa for lunch!

One of the stall in Bedok has the best Sarawak Laksa in Singapore, they are very generous in the ingredients and are charging at a reasonable price for such rare food in Singapore. However, according to the Tauke, very soon there will be no more laksa to eat, because their paste supplier in Sarawak has stopped the production. They are very selective in the paste used to keep to the standard, so they are not sure if they will continue to sell Sarawak Laksa. So sad.. =( I quickily took a photo of it, in case Deon crave for it again, then I can give him the photo to lick.. wahaha!

After the booster, we had our 6-hour cleaning marathon, I took care of the kitchen and my darl took care of the living room + bedroom + study room.. hee hee.. like not very balance.. nevermind la, I'll give him a good massage tonight.. hee hee..

Day end closing balance = we found another adult 小强 plus 2 small one. Reasonable la, a family of four.. and our house is now 小强 free!! yeah!!

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