Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pork Belly Rice

Knowing that there is a newly opened food court nearby, we've decided to give it a try today. The food court is within a new residential area, though the flats are not fully occupied yet, but very soon they will, and the food court will become the main eating place for the residents.
We ordered pork belly rice and fish and chips. I love pork belly very much and whenever I dine at Ajisen I will order one kind of their Katsu Don, and almost every time the different person taking my order will highlight that it's pork belly and reconfirm my order, haha. But too bad they no longer serve pork belly rice. If anyone know of any nice pork belly rice around, please recommend!

Anyway, coming back to today's pork belly rice, it's quite oily, half of that piece is actually the fat, I slowly trimmed the fat off, leaving just the skin and the lean part, but the whole thing ended up looking gross.. yiak.. I didn't finish the food. As for the fish and chips, it's kinda tasteless too. Before the meal, I have in mind to order some dessert, but after the meal I changed my mind.

On our way back, we passed by a mini mart, knowing that I am attracted to the big Magnum (advertisement) tie to one of the poles at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, my darl bought me a Dark Chocolate favour Magnum. Hee hee.. though the lunch is disappointing, the dessert rocks! I'm very contented now! Thank you! =D

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