Thursday, July 24, 2008


I enjoy all kinds of game since I was little. The first game introduced to me was a Popeye game on a small handheld gadget. When I got my first computer from my uncle, I played Pac-man and Bubble Bobble, it was a 286. Later, I was attracted to my cousins' Super Mario and Michael Jackson's Dance played on a TV, it was a Sega Game. The very first story-based game I played was Might and Magic IV, introduced by my darl during college time, and I still remember that I have choosen the dark-path and got a certificate of completion when I completed the game! I'm the Lord of the Dark! Haha.. The scariest game I've ever played is a Play Station game called 'Resident Evil/Diablo', that was during my uni time and I almost spoilt my housemate's joystick. Then I moved into something moderate like Zoo Tycoon, The Sims, Civilization etc.. I enjoyed both simulation games and strategic games. I also enjoy adrenaline challenge game like Need for Speed, and my dar even got me a steering wheel with accelerator set!

The next level up is the exploration into online games. A world where players interact and team up to solve quest - basically, you are not alone! It is amusing that every individual character moving around in the game is controlled by a human being behind the scene, they doll up their characters, control their facial expression, and can even get married in the game!

I moved from PvE game to PvP game and that was quite an experience. In PvP game, you are not only fighting against the monsters, you have to watch out for other players who might give u a critical stab at the critical moment, for their own glory! It's pretty much the dark side of people in the unreal world.

Having played so many games.. I think it's time to take a break from the unreal.. and get real!!

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