Saturday, July 26, 2008

Follie vs 小强

"Just now i blog half way feel hungry, then I go to the kitchen wan to make milo to drink. Then i saw got one 小强 at the sink there, I didn't scream this time, I go and confront him. I use Sheltox stand far far and spray. At first the 小强 pretend nothing happen, after awhile he starts to gabra, I know he sure cannot tahan one. Then hor he runs my kitchen one round, purposely one! dirty dirty like that anyhow walk up and down my bowls and plates there, then to the stove, to microwave then back to the sink. I angry I go and take out my broom to scare him, then you know what? He fly out of the sink wan to bite me!! I scream very loud, I think he tio chok then he fell to the ground, pelanting. Now he turning in circle playing merry go round, ok la you win la... I very tired I want to sleep liao la.. angry ah... zzZzzz.."

1 comment:

  1. moral of the story... don't keep 小强 as pet or else you have the same issue